• 22 Mar, 2023


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World Theatre Day

This day serves as a celebration for those who understand the worth and significance of the art form known as "theatre" and as a wake-up call for governments, politicians, and institutions that have yet to acknowledge its importance to the general populace, the individual, and the potential for economic growth.

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International Day of Happiness

On March 20, the International Day of Happiness, revel in your happiness if you so choose. Most of the time, we should be glad, save from when we're neutral. Here's a day to cheer up and enjoy the wonderful things and silver linings in life because, unfortunately, emotions like anger and despair are increasingly becoming the default way to be for many of us.

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Essay on National Vaccination Day

The purpose of designating March 16 as National Vaccination Day in India is to recognize and show appreciation for the dedication of front-line healthcare professionals who work to guarantee that every kid receives vaccinations.

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