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Essay on National Voters Day

Essay on National Voters Day

On January 25, National Voters Day is observed in order to inspire young people to take part in the democratic process. It emphasizes the importance of voting as a fundamental right while also encouraging youth participation in the democratic process.

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Learn about the history, significance, quotes, topic, and reasons why India celebrates National Voters Day.

National Voters Day History

The Election Commission of India (ECI), which was established in 1950, was founded on January 25. In order to encourage young people to participate in the election process, this day was first observed in 2011.

Without a doubt, today is a celebration of both India's democracy and the freedom to vote. The primary goal of the Election Commission is to promote voter registration, especially among qualified voters.
Let us inform you that while the voting age was once 21 years old, it was decreased to 18 years old in 1988. The voting age in India was lowered by the Sixty-First Constitutional Amendment of 1998.

Significance of  Voters Day

A democratic nation is India. Voting is a fundamental right of every citizen. He or she is free to choose a leader they or believe is capable of governing the country, resolving everyday problems, implementing change, etc. The importance of National Voters Day in India can be attributed to the fact that the destiny of the nation depends on the leader we elect.

Consider for a moment that if we do not step forward and select the ideal leader, the country's progress and development will be hindered, which will also have an impact on the citizens of the country. The country's leader is the one who makes decisions about a number of important fundamental projects.

Inadequate fundamental system development could result in underdeveloped roads, issues with energy connections, etc. In order to create a strong connection for the next generation, who will ensure that they vote without fail, we need to urge kids to get involved.

Theme of 2023

Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible, and Participative was the focus of National Voters Day in 2022. The major goal of the National Voters Day event is to promote, facilitate, and increase new voter registration in order to strengthen democracy. The nation's voters are honored on National Voters Day. On this occasion, a number of activities and programs are planned to raise voter awareness and encourage informed involvement in the electoral process.

However, the theme for 2022 was "Making Elections Inclusive, Accessible, and Participative," which aims to inform, promote, facilitate, and optimize the enrolment of new voters in order to establish a strong democracy. The theme for National Voters Day 2023 has not yet been announced. On the event of National Voter's Day, a number of activities and programs are planned to raise voter awareness and encourage informed voting.