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All About Bodhi Day 2023

All About Bodhi Day 2023

Every year on December 8, Japan celebrates Bodhi Day. In the lunisolar calendar, it usually occurs on the eighth day of the twelfth month. The day, called Rohatsu in Japanese, was transferred to its present date by Emperor Meiji as part of Japan's westernisation process and the adoption of the Gregorian calendar. Many people will benefit from this day, which is spiritually energising.


All About  Bodhi Day 

This day, on which Gautama attained enlightenment in 596 BCE while sitting beneath a Bodhi tree in Bodh Gaya, Northern India, is celebrated by Buddhists worldwide. Since here is where their tradition originated, they regard it as the most holiest of all holy sites. Bodhi Day is observed in Pure Land Buddhist schools in China, Japan, and Korea as well as in many mainstream Mahayan traditions, such as Zen. Buddhists observe the day by practising kindness towards other beings, chanting sutras (Buddhist texts), studying the Dharma (teaching), and engaging in meditation. A customary tea, cake, and readings are served to certain people in celebration. Siddhartha Gautama, who would later become the Buddha, was a prince in Nepal who had lived a comfortable and sheltered life under the care of his family. When he grew up he travelled about, witnessing the misery of old age, sickness, and suffering. These profoundly affected him, and at the age of 29, he chose to leave his comfortable surroundings and seek meaning in life.

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How to Observe Bodhi Day

The day silently considers the paths to enlightenment even while it honours the founder of the Buddhist religion. The Buddha's name is not heralded across the streets by parades or fanfares. A few consume tea and biscuits. Some people adorn a Bodhi tree. Most people use the day to meditate. You can take part in this day even if you're not a Buddhist.

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Study up on Buddhism. See how Tiger Woods, Orlando Bloom, Keanu Reeves, Tina Turner, and Kate Hudson converted to Buddhism.
Put up colourful lights or light candles to symbolise the Buddha's enlightenment. Go through some Buddhist works, such as Taking the Path of Zen, Buddhist Philosophy: Essential Readings, and Mindfulness in Plain English. Watch documentaries on the Buddha, such as Angry Monk and The Buddha: The Story of Siddhartha.



Some Buddhists observe the birth, enlightenment, and death of the Buddha on the same day. They refer to the occasion as Vesak and plan for the observance by using the lunar calendar. Three distinct holy days are observed by Mahayana Buddhists in China, Korea, and Vietnam in honour of Vesak. Bodhi Day, or the day the Buddha attained enlightenment, is one of the three days.  The date of Bodhi Day varies from year to year because it falls on the eighth day of the lunar calendar's 12th month for Mahayana Buddhists.

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However, Bodhi Day is observed on the Gregorian calendar in Japan. This is because, throughout his reign from 1867 to 1912, Emperor Meiji started the process of westernising Japan. Japan celebrates Bodhi Day on December 8th of each year. The year it was declared a holiday is unknown.


Honouring the Bodhi Day  
The day of enlightenment, Bodhi Day, is observed in a variety of ways. Like Christians celebrate Jesus' birth on December 25, Buddhists observe it as a day of meditation and recollection. For those who are not experts in Buddhism, contemplating this momentous occasion and keeping mementos of it around the house are helpful ways to identify it. In order to commemorate the day of enlightenment, coloured lights are frequently placed throughout homes. Their multicoloured design represents the several routes that lead to enlightenment. For thirty days starting on December 8th, the lights are switched on every evening. For these thirty days, a candle is also lit as a symbol of enlightenment.

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There are occasionally fiscus trees of the genus ficus religiousa found in Buddhist dwellings. These trees are decked out in multicoloured lights starting on Bodhi Day, beaded to symbolise the interconnectedness of all things, and three shining ornaments to symbolise the Three Jewels: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha. On this event, a rice and milk dish holds great significance. Buddhist mythology states that this was the first meal Sujata gave the Buddha after he awoke in order to help him regain strength. Make cookies shaped like leaves or trees to represent the Bodhi Tree to engage kids in this occasion.

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