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All About Lohri 2023

All About Lohri 2023

The winter solstice is the intended day for Lohri celebrations. People think that the increase in daylight on the following day Lohri heralds a joyful morning filled with hope. Sikhs enthusiastically celebrate this harvest festival. Essentially, it is a Haryana and Punjabi event. Early in the morning, people begin to celebrate Lohri and exchange enthusiastic greetings. We should learn more regar

 Happy Lohri 2023



The narrative of Dulla Bhatti, who had lived in Punjab during in the period of Mughal Emperor Akbar, is the most well-known folklore connected to Lohri. He used to plunder the wealthy and aid the poor and those in need. Historiographers claim that he once saved a child from kidnappers and raised her as his own daughter.

He even carried out the ceremonies without a priest on the day of her wedding. People began to sing the traditional song "Sundar-Mundriye" at the festival of Lohri every year because they loved and admired him.

The significance of Lohri in mythology

According to Hindu legend, the Lohri festival was observed in honor of Goddess Sati, who performed her own "Aahuti" during the Yagya held by her father Prajapati Daksha. According to a common myth, after Lord Shiva was ridiculed by Daksha and the other guests, Goddess Sati felt humiliated and dove into the holy fire, which infuriated Lord Shiva. Offering sweets to the fire in the form of Ahuti is said to grant any wish because it is said that the fire is pure on this day.

The main purpose of the Lohri celebration

The celebration of Lohri is twinned with Makar Sankranti, which is observed as Maghi Sangrand in the Punjab region and is also associated with the Bikrami calendar. To commemorate the passing of the winter solstice, Lohri is observed.

According to the Bikrami Calendar, this event is held to greet the beginning of the farmers' new fiscal year. As fresh agricultural leases are about to begin and rent is due on this day, Lohri is observed as the beginning of a new fiscal year.


Celebration of Lohri on January 14, 2023 Moment of Lohri Sankranti - January 14, 2023 - 8:57 According to Drik Panchang, Makar Sankranti will be observed on January 15, 2023, whereas Lohri will be observed on January 14, this year.

How to Celebrate Lohari

The most well-known event in Punjab and Haryana is Lohri, which is now widely observed by Hindus as well. Today, this holiday is so widely celebrated across our nation's various regions and communities that it brings out the best in everyone.

Lohri is similar to a Thanksgiving holiday because farmers express their gratitude to the almighty for a bountiful harvest and wonderful abundance on this day.

Children sing traditional songs while visiting homes during the day and receive treats, savoury foods, and occasionally cash.

Children being sent back empty-handed is seen to be unlucky. The assortment includes popcorn, til, Revari, gajak, and jaggery. Children's collections are called Lohri, and they are dispersed to everyone that evening.

People start the bonfire, and then it is filled with a variety of snacks like peanuts, jaggery, and the Lohri that was distributed to everyone. The Lohri night concludes with a customary dinner of Sarson da saag, Makki di roti, and kheer, during which they all sit and sing Lohri songs together. In some areas of Punjab, kite flight is also common on this day.