• 09 Dec, 2023

Best Cloth Drying Stand in India

Best Cloth Drying Stand in India

Every home wants a convenient and tidy place to dry garments. except for drying the garments whole house turns into a laundry space. It spoils the sweetness of our home along side several places. But our collapsible textile drying rack won't let your space transform a laundry space.

Top Cloth Drying Stand


Cloth drying stand for balcony


The hook-on drying rack can be hung on any surface of thickness and allows indoor and outdoor use. The handle can be folded inward so its foldable design is easy to store, Saving a lot of valuable space; Can be folded when not in use. It can be stored under almost any piece of furniture or in a drawer.

Stainless steel cloth drying stand


100 % Stainless Steel including screws and fasteners making it rust and corrosion free. Comes fully assembled. Can be set up and folded in seconds. Takes very less space after you fold it. Highly strong, Large size cloth dryer as per European standards. Adequate drying space for a large family
39 FEET of Drying Area provides ample space for drying lots of clothes at once. Super Strong Tubular Construction ensures a very long product life. Stainless steel coated with a Chrome finish.

Cloth drying stand wall mounted


All The Necessary Hardware is Included With The Product. Easy To Install. Minimiser Is Our Wall Mountable Airer That Is Collapsible Into The Wall When Not In Use.


Foldable cloth drying stand


Powder-coated mild steel easily foldable clothes dryer stands can be folded down and extended out to conserve space. You can hang a lot of clothes on it and can save a lot of space which makes it great for small apartments. Suitable for clothes that need to lay flat to dry features a top shelf for sweaters or other flat-drying items. It Comes fully assembled. Can be set up and folded in seconds. Takes very less space after you fold it.

Outdoor cloth drying stand


This versatile, foldable, and portable Drying Stand is a great choice for those who often do laundry. The strong and sturdy stand takes the shape of a rectangle when not in use, but it can be collapsed to form an ideal drying area for your wet clothes. It is made of high-quality alloy steel material which has superior anti-corrosion properties so that it will last you a long time. With its foldable design that fits any size of clothing, you can hang as many as you want without taking up too much space.

Cloth drying stand for terrace


High-quality and durable Steel rails can take the weight of heavy wet clothes Floor cloth drying stand ready to use the best quality of Jindal ss 202 steel. Suitable for all kinds of cloth. Easy to move from one place to another place and Pure steel with good built quality, Rust Free.

Aluminum cloth drying stand


Sunshine takes moisture away, fresh air flows through sheets, dress, suit and baby clothes on the drying rack, the whole family will enjoy the lovely scent of air-dried laundry.
The ergonomic design ensures maximum drying area while occupying minimum space. The entire body can be folded into a compact version of itself for easy storage when not in use and it has wheels which makes it easier to move. Specially designed arm locks are designed to take heavy loads, and ensure the dual arms smoothly fold outwards and lock effectively in place.

Cloth drying stand online

Bathla Mobidry Terra 4-Level Steel Modular Cloth Drying Stand (Black - Extra Large) Made in India


Run your home errands in style with this foldable clothes dryer from Bathla. This stunning black dryer is made from premium quality stainless steel and is lightweight and portable. Bring on a new stylish addition to your home with this useful piece.

PARASNATH Luxury Blackorange 3 Pole Steel Clothes Drying Stand With Breaking Wheels System Drying Rack (Alloy Steel)
Foldable Hanging frames in Different Combinations. 

Example -      

 Fold The middle frame if you need to Dry a Bedsheet on the top frame as it requires more space for hanging.

2 Plastic Attachments with holes. Use them to hang clothes hangers with shirts, trousers, etc. Wheels at the bottom for moving the rack conveniently. High-quality and durable Steel rails can take the weight of heavy wet clothes. Folds Down for Easy Storage.

Dry Line Baby Cloths Drying Stand 31 Inches Small - Silver and Black
Small foldable cloth drying stands for baby clothes. Foldable rust free and it is lightweight and low height. Easy to move around and It has round edges for safety.
Omnia Solid Single Pc. Drying Rack


Defined by ergonomic space-saving design, this drying rack comes with portable wheels that allow you to place it anywhere in your home. It has hooks and rods that can hold your clothes and hangers as well and can be assembled or dismantled with ease for convenient storage.

Fidrox Premium Single Pole Jumbo Steel Cloth Drying Stand

Strong And Durable Robust Steel Pipe With Powdered Coated Finish Drying Stand Can Be Adjusted To Different Heights Depending On The Length Of The Clothes Helps dry your clothes and avoid all types of wrinkles when removing your clothes from the dryer.

Designed to match the needs of modern homes, This drying stand is an excellent substitute for drying clothes on railings. Enhance the look of your modern and elegant home with this stylish cloth drying stand that aesthetically blends with other articles of your home.

Exclusive Steel Wall Cloth Dryer Stand Stainless steel Wall Cloth Dryer Stand


The PREVAXA folding Wall Mounted Cloth Dryer makes laundry time much easier. is a convenient and elegant wall-mounted airier for the home offering 75 cm of drying length with the added benefit of a practical towel rail. it fixes neatly onto the wall to provide useful drying space inside the home, ideal for the bathroom, kitchen, utility area, or outside on the balcony.

Best stainless steel cloth drying stand


High-quality cloth drying stand which meets all your requirements whether you need to store seasonal clothing or require additional hanging space. This is a practical and well-designed cloth drying stand that is very easy to install. It has six foldable wings, and four rolling casters, extendable and moving arbitrarily, which makes it easy for you to dry clothes in the backyard, balcony, or anywhere in your home. It is made up of stainless steel & ABS plastic. It also has two plastic attachments with holes which are used for hangers with shirts, trousers, etc. Made of rust & corrosion-resistant material, it is a good option to use.

Best brand for cloth drying stand

Parasnath Stainless Steel 3 Poll Clothes Drying Stand Wheel


Powder-Coated Steel + Plastic. Foldable Hanging Frames Different Combinations. Fold The Middle Frame If You Need To Dry A Bedsheet On The Top Frame As It Requires More Space For Hanging. Two Plastic Attachments With Holes. Use Them To Hang Clothes Hangers With Shirts, Trousers Etc
Six Hanging Frames (3 On Each Side Of The Rack). Four Rails On Each Frame For Drying Lots Of Clothes At Once. Size: (75-126) X 64 X 170 Cm and Color May Vary.

Best quality cloth drying stand in India

Bathla Mobidry Neo-Foldable Clothes Drying Stand


Bathla Mobidry garments drying stand is designed to relinquish you most drying space while absorbing stripped-down area. The Mobidry modern drier is constructed from best steel and precision-engineered plastic parts within the state of the art facilities. It comes with socks holders and a clip bag that creates hanging garments such a lot of convenient. It's light-weight and may be employed in every kind of weather. The weather-resistant frame ought to build it appropriate for long-lived use.