• 20 Jul, 2024

Best Kids Movies on Netflix

Best Kids Movies on Netflix

Netflix can be a help and a hindrance when spending time with kids. On the one hand, the service offers an enormous selection of films, some of which are among the greatest kid-friendly productions ever made. Additionally, you should make sure that every minute matters when it comes to screen time. Nonetheless, it can be challenging to decide which films to watch.


Best Kids Movies on Netflix

The films you watch as a child have a certain magic to them. The films we watch as children have a lasting impact on us, whether they are a moving coming-of-age story that helps us prepare to take our first steps into a wider world, an animated adventure that piques our curiosity, a treasured first encounter with our favourite fearless hero, or a fantastical journey to a magical realm. The greatest of them have the power to fundamentally alter who we are and how we perceive the world.  Finding films that will genuinely resonate with the next generation of aspiring young film enthusiasts can be challenging, though, since you don't even need to get off the couch to experience the magic of motion pictures these days. Every year begins with a flurry of activity, and occasionally parents require a little assistance. The top kid-friendly Netflix films fit the bill in this regard. Thankfully, Netflix offers a vast collection of kid-friendly media, ranging from well-known classics to unique choose-your-own-adventure tales that are sure to keep young audiences captivated. Naturally, you want to know what your children are watching, but you don't have time to browse the library and choose something for them. Just take a look at this list. Every month, we update it. If Netflix doesn't have what you're looking for, we've compiled lists of the best kids films on Hulu, the best kids films on Amazon Prime Video, and the best kids films on Disney+. 

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1. Nimona

Children who enjoy fantasy and D&D-style settings will be captivated by Nimona, a tale about a teenage shape-shifter who chooses to stand up for a knight who has been falsely accused of a horrific crime. Do you think the knight is more evil than he appears to be? Based on a graphic novel by ND Stevenson, the creator of the fantastic Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, this is also available on other platforms.


2. Jumanji

You'll have to go to Hulu to watch the Jumaji series starring Jack Black and the Rock. However, Netflix has the 1990s version, which features an entertaining performance by Robin Williams. Though the 1995 adaptation is more closely aligned with Chris Van Allsburg's book The Polar Express, both series explore the consequences that arise when a game causes chaos in the real world.


3. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile

This movie, which is based on Bernard Waber's children's books, centres on a family who moves into a New York City home only to discover that it already has a singing crocodile living there! The songs are by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek from Dear Evan Hansen, and Shawn Mendes plays the role of Lyle.


4. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Sadly, Puss in Boots. Eight of his nine lives have already been expended. He joins forces with an odd group of people to catch a wishing star and make a wish for more lives because he fears death. Sadly, Netflix does not currently have the 2011 Puss in Boots sequel. Puss in Boots is a spin-off of Shrek.


5. Paddington

Based on the well-known children's book series by Michael Bond, Paddington tells the story of a bear who was raised in Peruvian jungles and eventually makes his way to London's urban life. Even the youngest moviegoers will enjoy this very gentle film, even though there is some danger. Furthermore, some people prefer Paddington 2 (also not on Netflix) even more.


6. The Mitchells vs. the Machines

As aspiring filmmaker Katie Mitchell leaves for school, her family decides to take her on one final road trip. The sole issue? The Mitchells are the only ones who can avert the impending robot apocalypse. This film shares an eccentric energy with The Lego Movie, and it was directed by some of the same creatives.


7. Roald Dahl' Matilda: The Musical

This is the kids' opportunity to see Matilda on Broadway if they missed it. Tim Minchin, who also wrote the stage adaptation of Groundhog Day, composed the music. Emma Thompson, Andrea Riseborough, and Stephen Graham are among the actors who star in it. Are you trying to find the non-musical 1996 version of Matilda starring Danny DeVito, Rhea Perlman, and Mara Wilson? Netflix also carries that title.)


8. Wendell and Wild

This stop-motion marvel brings together two titans of the film industry: It is co-written by Jordan Peele, the master of horror films like Get Out and Nope, and directed by Henry Selick, who made The Nightmare Before Christmas. (Peele can also sing.) The story revolves around a girl who believes she is to blame for a past tragedy and wonders if she could work with two demons to make things right. But can you trust them?


9. My Father's Dragon

A young child travels to a mysterious island home to many amazing creatures, including a striped dragon, after leaving his hometown. The animation is provided by the prestigious Cartoon Saloon, the same studio that brought us the critically acclaimed films Wolfwalkers and The Secret of Kells (which, regrettably, aren't available on Netflix). The story is based on a novel that won the Newbury Honour.


10. A Whisker Away

This Japanese movie, which will also appeal to fans of anime, centres on a young girl named Miyo who develops feelings for a boy named Hinode. She becomes Tarō, a cat who can get closer to Hinode than Miyo, after purchasing a cat mask from an enigmatic seller one day. A lesson about how teenagers handle challenging emotions is also conveyed, even though Miyo becomes engrossed in magical antics.