• 20 Jul, 2024

Christmas Drawing Easy and Beautiful

Christmas Drawing Easy and Beautiful

A growing library of simple Christmas drawings available on Let's Draw That! Create some Christmas cards and deck your home for this unique and joyous time of year. Take pleasure in and enjoy yourself! Greetings from our page of simple Christmas drawings! The Let's Draw That tutorials are all gathered here! which can be used to decorate your home for the holidays.


Christmas Drawing Easy and Beautiful

Everyone adores Christmas. Draw Christmas pictures to capture the spirit of the season, even though hanging garland, wreaths, and lights around your home is fun too. Making some lovely Christmas drawings by yourself can be a lot of fun for the whole family. You may practise every year by making your own decorations out of drawings that you hang up in your house. When the kids are stuck inside during summer vacation or on a snow day at home, drawing pictures can be a great way to keep them occupied. Perhaps you'll be motivated to begin a new family tradition this year and make your own personalised Christmas cards or artwork to give to loved ones!

Vintage style hand-drawn Christmas illustration Vintage style hand-drawn Christmas and New Year illustration. Christmas Snowman drawing stock illustrations


1. Christmas tree

Green Christmas tree with star and decoration. Pine tree. Line art. Doodle style. Isolated vector illustration christmas trees drawing stock illustrations

With a tree composed of just three triangles, our first Christmas tree drawing is as simple as they come. The triangles magically transform into a Christmas tree once we hang some ornaments on them! Drawing a Christmas tree is as simple as drawing a simple tree; the second one looks much better because the triangles are curved, the edges are drawn with wavy lines, and more ornaments and details are added.


2. Santa

Coloring book, Collection of Cute Christmas Santa Vector Coloring book, Collection of Cute Christmas Santa Santa drawing stock illustrations

Ants are as basic as they come: with their long coats and closed eyes, they have no legs or eyes to draw! But even without the "trademark" features Santa's hat, gloves, big moustache, and beard you'll still have a charming and instantly recognisable Santa figure. Santa has a lot of fancy details, such as a sack full of Christmas gifts, and a full body in an intriguing pose. We can achieve a much nicer and fancier drawing of Santa with a little more work.


3. Christmas Reindeer

Santa Claus on a sleigh with deer vector illustration Santa Claus on a sleigh with deer vector illustration isolated on white background. Christmas Santa Claus in trendy flat design style. Santa Claus vector icon modern and simple flat symbol for website, mobile, logo, app design. Vector EPS 10 Christmas Reindeer drawing stock illustrations

Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, the head of the pack and driver of Santa's sleigh, is the next in line. Step-by-step, learn how to draw a reindeer as he joyfully gallops across the plain using basic shapes. This drawing of a reindeer is unmistakably that of a cartoon, with its large cartoon eyes and large nose. We can outfit the reindeer with a harness to pull a sleigh by adding a few extra lines. A red nose completes the picture of a Rudolph soaring through the Christmas sky. 


4. Angels

Merry Christmas. Angels blowing trumpets. Vector illustration. merry Christmas. Vector postcard, illustration. Angels trumpeting. Isolated on white background. Christmas Angels drawing stock illustrations

An angel is rendered in a basic chibi style. A little chibi boy is transformed into an angel by dressing him in a long white shirt and adding additional angel "trademark features" like a golden halo, large white wings, and adorable curly blond hair. This drawing's simplicity is what makes it so beautiful. A few lines are all it takes to define the elegant female figure. This angel is enigmatic and graceful due to its tall, thin body, full-length wings, strong hand posture, and nearly nonexistent face.


5. Snowman

Snowman Drawing on Ruled Paper Drawing of Snowman in watercolour style on ruled paper. Elements are grouped.contains eps10 and high resolution jpeg. Christmas Snowman drawing stock illustrations

One of the simplest characters to draw is a snowman; all you have to do is stack three circles. But what makes the three circles into a lovely snowman are the additional details. The penguin is another wintertime creature decked up for the holiday. Learn how to sketch a penguin with the recognisable 'tuxedo' feathers drying out on his wings here. Is he dressed for a holiday dance, though?