• 23 Sep, 2023

CISF Raising Day 2023

CISF Raising Day 2023

The CISF raises money to support its purpose every year on March 10. The 54th CISF Raising Day will be observed in India in 2023. According to official records, when it was founded in March 1969 as a result of a decision by the Indian Parliament, 2,200 individuals worked for it. The goal of the day is to increase the security and safety of the nation's manufacturing facilities.

About CISF Raising Day 2023

Industrial security is handled by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), a branch of the Indian Central Armed Police. Its headquarters are in New Delhi, where it is managed by the Union Ministry of Home Affairs. Over 300 industrial facilities, governmental public works projects, and other organizations and businesses across the country are said to have received security protection from the CISF.

Who are the CISF?

India's main military force is known as the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF). CISF was founded in 1969, but on June 15th, 1983, it became what it is today. Safeguarding key government structures and the Delhi Metro are among the CISF's main responsibilities. Additionally, it is essential for providing airport security.

CISF Tasks

This company safeguards more than 300 industrial facilities and state public works initiatives across the country.

The Central Public Sector Enterprises (PSUs) that own and operate nuclear power plants and quarries, as well as important ports, airlines, and hydroelectric facilities that produce Indian currency, are all secured by the CISF.

Additionally, it provides advisory services to Indian corporations and government organizations. To maintain order, a few CISF regiments work with the police. The fire brigade of the CISF provides aid for workplace accidents.

History of CISF Raising Day 

On March 10, 1969, the Central Intelligence Agency (CISF) was created as a result of a Parliamentary Act. In 1983, a different Act of Parliament created the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) as an Indian armed force. It became official on June 15, 1983. The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) Raising Day is celebrated annually on March 10 to commemorate the organization's founding day.

Significance  of CISF Raising Day 2023

The International Day of the CISF brings attention to how crucial security is for major industrial zones and businesses. Industrial locations such as nuclear power plants, airports, hydroelectric dams, historical sites, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, and many more are needed to have CISF protection in order to ensure seamless productivity and a safe environment for people.

Goal of CISF Raising Day 

The CISF's mission is to improve safety and security for all industrial companies across the country, including both public and private ones. Eight training facilities and 12 reserve units are part of the Central Intelligence Agency.

Symbol of CISF Raising Day 

The CISF is a singular paramilitary organization for India that protects the country's airspace, sea lanes, and some of its most important infrastructure. The Central Industrial Security Force owns the rights to this logo.

Quotes of CISF Raising Day 2023

"VIP culture occasionally causes obstacles in the design of security systems. Therefore, it's crucial that the public works with the security forces."

"No one with a standing army can leave the country, according to Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. We need to maintain our discipline and weapons at all times."

"A military unit's soul is discipline. It makes small groups intimidating, brings triumph to the weak, and respects everyone."

"The military swears to leave no soldier behind on the battlefield. Let us as a nation swear to leave no veteran behind when they return home.

"The Army is the soldier. No Army is superior to its members. The soldier is a citizen as well. In actuality, carrying arms in defense of one's nation is the highest civic duty and honor.

"In reality, every day I worry less about the military. For me, I believe the church will be better.