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Essay on World Environment Day

Essay on World Environment Day

One of the most crucial elements of our ability to thrive on this planet is our surroundings. It is also the only thing that can make life last. We cannot live without it for even a single day. For instance, our lungs can rupture, our skin would burn, and our blood pressure might increase.


Essay on World Environment Day

Since 1974, 5 June has been designated as World Environment Day to raise public awareness of environmental issues and provide solutions. It is one of the largest UN initiatives to raise awareness of several concerns, including the environment, climate change, marine life, overpopulation, and the illegal trafficking of wildlife. In honor of World Environment Day, which is observed annually in 150 countries, several non-profit, non-governmental, community, and commercial groups take part. A fresh subject is chosen each year to encourage environmental conservation. World Environment Day essay.


Describe the environment.

According to science, everything around us makes up our environment. Our environment is made up of both living beings and non-Types of the Equation of the Motion of living objects. Plants, animals, and bacteria are examples of living or biotic components, whereas air, water, soil, and other non-living or abiotic components are examples of abiotic components.

World Environment Day

What Makes The Environment Dangerous?

Excessive amounts of pollution are a threat to the environment. Pollutants have been trapped in all of the environment's primary components, including the hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. The typical environmental conditions are being destroyed by the growing pollution levels.

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Natural sources of these pollutants, such as volcanic eruptions, forest fires, and man-made ones, are also possible (pollutants released from industries, emissions from cars). The environmental damage that has occurred so quickly is mostly the result of human pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, and soil contamination are the three main types of pollution.


Why Is Preserving the Environment Important?

One of the most crucial resources for human life on Earth is the environment. Our environment supports and sustains us. Life would be impossible without soil, water, and air. The biotic elements, such as plants and animals, provide as crucial survival aids. Assisting in air purification are plants. Our food comes from both plants and animals.

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The ecological web is a network of relationships in which every element of the environment is interdependent. This network must be kept in balance because if one part disintegrates, the entire system will disintegrate and wipe out all life. Because of this, we must decide to act to protect the environment and repair the harm we caused.

On World Environment Day, what do we do?

The primary goal of World Environment Day is to raise public awareness of environmental situations as they exist now. People get together on this day to work together to make our lives better. Every year, a particular subject or environmental issue is highlighted, and participants commit to taking action to address it. For instance, the subject for 2019 was air pollution.

On this day, organizations worldwide join forces to make little improvements to our future. Schools and workplaces urge staff and students to reclaim some local land or plant trees. Even little actions have a significant influence on the environment.

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Government agencies and international organizations must work together to combat issues and protect the environment to improve environmental conditions. Stricter legislation, banning the use of plastics, and increasing tree planting can all help reduce pollution and safeguard the environment. This can raise awareness of the problem and encourage individuals to take action to reduce pollution levels in their communities.

The International Environment Day serves as a reminder to protect the environment and build up our world. It sheds light on the factors that harm our environment most. For instance, businesses and businesses contribute significantly to pollution. We breathe less air and drink less water as a result of them.

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As a result, many residents who are ignorant of all of this benefit from this Day. In other words, it raises awareness of the current condition among common people. Also, it motivates members of many communities to participate actively in the celebration of this Day.



The purpose of World Environment Day is to promote the creation of a beautiful, pollution-free, and abundantly resourceful planet. A healthier environment may be achieved by banning plastic, growing more plants and trees, conserving water, recycling, and protecting wildlife and other creatures. One should constantly be aware of their actions and make an effort to maintain a clean and safe environment. Natural resources should be preserved and used wisely and effectively. We can build a lovely and healthy environment by working together.

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