• 20 Jul, 2024

Essay on World Food Safety Day

Essay on World Food Safety Day

Unsafe food poses a hazard to both human health and economy, disproportionately harming marginalised and disadvantaged groups, particularly populations of women and children who are displaced or impacted by armed conflict.


Essay on World Food Safety Day

On June 7, people all across the world observe International Food Safety Day. The World Food Safety Day was established by the United Nations in 2018 to raise awareness of the health risks associated with consuming tainted food and water. On June 7, 2019, people all around the world commemorated the inaugural International Food Safety Day. It's critical to understand which foods are healthy and safe for consumption. The adage "Health equals riches" is well-known. 

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In order to avoid food-borne illnesses, it is essential to ensure food safety at every point in the food chain, from manufacturing to consumption. It takes a scientific approach to make sure that food is handled, prepared, and stored in a manner that maintains its quality. Governments, producers, and consumers all have a role to play in ensuring the safety of food. From food production through consumption, everyone has a part to play in making sure our food is safe to eat and won't harm our health. Via International Food Safety Day, WHO continues to work to mainstream food safety in the public sector and lower the incidence of food-borne illness globally.

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The seventh of June 2023 will mark International Food Safety Day. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of the issue in global food safety and to motivate action to raise food safety standards. The importance of healthy food to human health and wellbeing means that the day contributes to raising public awareness of food safety.

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The next World Food Safety Day will have the theme topic "Food standards save lives." The topic underlines the need of working together to maintain food safety and the critical role played by those who create and enforce food safety regulations, keep an eye on the food supply chain, and look into outbreaks of foodborne disease.

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