• 23 Jun, 2024

International Joke Day : Top 10 Funny jokes and images

International Joke Day : Top 10 Funny jokes and images

It is claimed that humour sets us free since it can instantly ease uneasiness if you are interacting with a group of people and the setting is somewhat tight.


International Joke Day : Top 10 Funny jokes and images

Every year on July 1, people worldwide celebrate International Joke Day. "Laughter is the best medicine," goes a proverb. It holds true since laughing makes people feel ten times better.  The purpose of the holiday is to make your loved ones smile and laugh together.  We could all use a few laughs to lift our spirits because the epidemic is causing us to go through a really difficult moment.

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Here are a few jokes that make your family and friends laugh aloud:

1. Why don't pirates wash up in the bathroom before they cross the plank? They merely wash ashore.

2. What made the mushroom attend the gathering? given that he was a fungus.

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3. Why are jokes about elevators so funny?
They function in numerous ways!

4. What was the purpose of the man standing by the signal holding bread and butter?
since he had heard there would be a backup.

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5. What made the scarecrow a winner? owing to his excellence in his line of work.

6. What is a fish known as when it lacks eyes? Fsh.

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7. What is an alligator detective called? one who investigates.

8. Why not use a broken pencil when writing? because there is no point.

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9. During a race, what did the tomato say to the other tomato? Ketchup.

10. When asked whether he is flexible, a man who asked his gym instructor if she could make him do splits responded that she couldn't do Tuesdays.

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