• 21 Feb, 2024

List of All GPS Tracker Accessories

List of All GPS Tracker Accessories

These days, GPS tracking devices are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. However, you're missing out if you don't have any additional input and output accessories that work with tracking devices. particularly if you use tracking devices to run a delivery business or manage a fleet of vehicles. With the aid of these extra components, you can regulate the state of your cars.


List of All GPS Tracker Accessories

In the event that the battery runs out or the GPS tracking unit is unable to receive a clear signal, you don't want to lose this crucial data flow about family members, cars, and assets that GPS tracking devices continuously gather and transmit. Rewire Security provides a large selection of add-ons that can improve GPS tracker usage, user satisfaction, and enable users to get the most out of their tracking devices. You can extend the GSM and GPS coverage and signal quality of your tracking devices, shield them from environmental elements, and hide your GPS tracker with a magnetic case, all with our practical and reasonably priced accessories. With the help of our GPS tracking accessories, get more out of your GPS tracker unit. Hard-wire kits are the best way to recharge your tracker's battery in a moving vehicle, and magnetic cases work great for fastening trackers to cars. We provide a list of wide range of accessories for GPS tracking devices, such as waterproof cases, chargers, USB cables, covers, and replacement parts.


1. Fleet Manager   

Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Anti-Lost Anti-Theft Alarm Device Tracker GPS Locator Key/Dog/Kids/Wallets Finder Tracer w/Camera R...

To enhance the efficiency of their fleet, fleet managers have the ability to track their cars in real-time and evaluate the tracking information. To analyse the driver's overall driving style, it is imperative to know who is behind the wheel. RFID driver identification provides more information about the whereabouts and actions of your drivers. By adding a driver identification RFID to your GPS tracking device, you can always be aware of who is operating the vehicle. This device can be very helpful in identifying driver behaviour, excessive idling, efficiency, verifying the official start and end of shifts, and speeding if your fleet business has many drivers who switch vehicles on a daily basis. You can make easy use of this device by giving each driver their own key fob so you can track them separately. The GPSLive cloud tracking platform will give you an in-depth report on all the activities of every driver.  


 2. Battery

140-Day Battery & Case Kit for Spark Nano

Looking to extend the battery life of your car? The extended battery provides you with a 17,800 mAh battery to increase your tracking time by up to 4 months, with regular use of approximately 1 hour per day. Use the extended battery specifically designed for the car to ensure that you’re able to track what you want when you need. Whether you’re tracking your personal computer bag or stashing the tracker in your child’s backpack to make sure they get home from school, you can rest assured that the tracker battery will last. Turn your car into the ultimate vehicle tracker.  Simply connect your car to the battery, place both inside the rugged, water resistant, magnetic case, and attach it to your vehicle! Magnets on the bottom of this heavy-duty case make attaching your car to the undercarriage of your car or any metal surface a breeze, and the new low-profile design makes it easier than ever to maintain covert placement. This accessory kit includes both the charging cable and the output cable as well as the battery and case for instant use.


3. Charger

SilverCloud GPS Additional Charger/Battery

The Silver Cloud GPS Additional Charger/Battery enables you to extend your tracking time. This lithium ion replacement battery provides a longer life for your silver cloud GPS tracker. Easy to use, fully rechargeable. 


4. Magnetic Weatherproof Waterproof GPS Case

Magnetic Waterproof Case for Spark Nano

This rugged case is designed to protect your BrickHouse Security GPS tracker from rain, snow, mud or anything else the elements can throw at it. Simply insert your GPS device into this durable, magnetic, water-resistant GPS case, adhere it in, on or under a vehicle and you're ready for covert tracking. Twin commercial grade magnets ensure that your tracker stays put over potholes and off-road driving, and the protective foam interior keeps your tracker safe and sound inside.


5. OBD Connection

90 Deg Ext. Cable for TrackPort GPS Tracker

1 ft. Flat 90 deg. 16Pin Male to Female Extension Cable Diagnostic Extender.     
 Brand: BrickHouse


Special Feature: 90 Deg Ext. Cable for TrackPort GPS Trackers

In The Box
Extension Cable for TrackPort GPS Trackers


6. Adapter

Spark Nano Hardwire Adapter

Hardwire your car GPS Tracker directly into any permanent power source such as a car, compressor, generator, or any other piece of equipment and never worry about running out of tracking battery. You will never have to stop tracking in order to charge your device. Instead, let the power source fuel your car GPS Tracker and charge its battery. Get increased functionality and GPS Tracking capabilities 24/7 without worrying about recharging or missing an important event.


7. Magnetic Mount

SilverCloud Real-Time GPS Tracker Magnetic Mount

This magnetic mount from LandAirSea works seamlessly with the SilverCloud GPS tracker, not only converting it into an ideal covert vehicle tracker, but also weatherproofing it to the elements. With over 50 lbs. of force, you can be sure this GPS magnetic mount will have the staying power you need for all of your tracking applications.