• 23 Jun, 2024

Motivational Speech on International Olympic Day

Motivational Speech on International Olympic Day

The most important international sporting event is the Olympic Games. In numerous sporting competitions, athletes from all over the world compete. Every two years over four years, the Olympic games, which include both summer and winter sports activities, are conducted. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. This top sporting event in the globe attracts thousands of


Motivational Speech on International Olympic Day

On June 23, people all across the world celebrate International Olympic Day. It was first made available in 1948. Its objective was to encourage sports participation all across the world.

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Olympic Day honours Baron Pierre de Coubertin's creation of the International Olympic Committee on June 23, 1894. At Olympia's Zeus Temple, the Ancient Olympic Games were held every four years. Each Olympic Games' host city is selected by the International Olympic Committee. The Summer Olympic programme features 26 sports, whereas the Winter Olympic programme features 15.Olympic Games play a significant part in bringing people from all over the world together. In addition to athletes, other members of the international community gather and take part in this event.

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The founder of the International Olympic Committee, Pierre de Coubertin, once said, "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win, but to take part; the essential thing in life is not to conquer, but to struggle well." All of you are cordially invited and are most welcome. Today is International Olympic Day, a day that is very significant in the sporting world. On June 23, 1894, the International Olympic Committee was founded, marking the beginning of the modern Olympic Games.

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The Olympic Games serve as a testament to international harmony and collaboration. It brings together athletes from all around the world to display their talents and commitment to their individual sports. The qualities of excellence, respect, and camaraderie that are crucial to creating a peaceful and better world are represented through the games.

The value of the Olympics
I want to discuss the significance of the Olympic Games with you today. The Olympics have been a major international event for more than a century, and they are revered in both the worlds of sport and diplomacy.

The Olympics are not merely a competition of athletes. Athletes from diverse nations compete in a variety of athletic activities as part of this celebration of the human spirit. In order to create a peaceful and better world, it stands for the ideals of excellence, respect, and friendship.

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Athletes use the Olympic Games as a stage to display their prowess and devotion to their particular sports. Young people are motivated to start playing sports and live an active lifestyle by it. As nations unite to celebrate the Olympic spirit, it also fosters a sense of solidarity and friendship among them.

It is impossible to overestimate the economic advantages of the Olympics. Through tourism, advertising, and sponsorship agreements, the games generate a sizable amount of money. It expands employment possibilities and stimulates the regional economy.

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Additionally, the Olympics have been crucial in advancing racial and gender equality. It has given women the chance to play sports and compete at the greatest levels.