• 23 Jun, 2024

Rakhi Design for Bhabhi

Rakhi Design for Bhabhi

Raksha Bandhan is a joyous day for all the sisters who want to wish their brothers a happy and prosperous future. If your brother is a contented husband, don't forget to show your Bhabhi the same respect and affection by giving her a gorgeous Lumba Rakhi. Buy Lumba Rakhi online from us for your Bhaiya and Bhabhi to forge an enduring connection with this trending couple.


Rakhi Design for Bhabhi

Bhabhi or Lumba The sister-in-law (the brother's wife) wears the lovely thread of affection known as a rakhi around her wrist or bangle. Although most other communities now follow this tradition, it was first observed by Marwaris. The meaning of the Lumba or Bhabhi Rakhi is that, in accordance with Indian tradition, a man's wife constitutes half of his body and as such, no rite is regarded complete without her. Lumba or Rakhi for Bhabhi originated from this point on, and you may now order one online from Aarav Rakhis. You can choose from a wide selection of lovely Rakhi for Bhabhi Online to celebrate this holy holiday of Rakhi with your loving sister-in-law.


precious beads kundan flower bracelet Rakhi for bhabhi, sister

Express your love and affection to your sister and Bhabhi with our Precious Beads Kundan Flower Bracelet Rakhi. This graceful Rakhi features intricate kundan work, fashioned into a beautiful flower design. The bracelet style adds a contemporary touch, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion. The Rakhi comes with a heartfelt message, conveying the depth of love and admiration. Honor the precious bond you share with your sister and Bhabhi with this exquisite and meaningful Rakhi.  


natural looking Chuda Rakhi with tassels

Experience the beauty of tradition with the natural-looking Chuda Rakhi, adorned with delicate tassels. This unique Rakhi represents the rich cultural heritage and adds charm to your brother's wrist.  


beautiful beads kundan bracelet Rakhi for sister and bhabhi

Celebrate the bond of love and affection with our Beautiful Beads Kundan Bracelet Rakhi, specially designed for sisters and Bhabhis. This exquisite Rakhi features delicate kundan beads, exuding elegance and charm. The bracelet design adds a touch of contemporary style, making it a perfect accessory for everyday wear. The Rakhi comes with a heartfelt message, expressing love and gratitude to both sister and Bhabhi. Strengthen the bond of siblinghood with this beautiful and meaningful Rakhi that celebrates the cherished relationship between sisters and sisters-in-law.  


designer based flower design chain bracelet Rakhi

Elevate your Rakhi game with our designer-based flower design chain bracelet Rakhi. This exquisite piece combines elegance and tradition, making it a perfect choice for your beloved bhabhi.  


Evil eye bracelet Rakhi with tassels for bhabhi

Protect your bhabhi from negative energies with this charming evil eye bracelet Rakhi adorned with tassels. It combines beauty and spirituality to bring good fortune and ward off evil.  


beautiful Morpankhi color silver Bracelet Rakhi for womens

Adorn your sister's wrist with this beautiful Morpankhi color silver bracelet Rakhi. Its exquisite design and feminine charm make it a delightful gift for women.


Artful tubelight threads beaded lumba Rakhi for bhabhi

elebrate the bond with your bhabhi with this artful Tubelight Threads Beaded Lumba Rakhi. The rakhi features intricate beadwork and tubelight threads, creating a unique and eye-catching design that will make your bhabhi feel cherished on this special occasion.  


Artificial beaded tassels lumba Rakhi for bhabhi

Express your affection for your bhabhi with this elegant Artificial Beaded Tassels Lumba Rakhi. The rakhi features intricately crafted artificial beads and tassels, symbolizing the everlasting bond between brothers and sisters-in-law.  


Eye catchy pippala leaf design Lumba Rakhi Set

Greet your loved ones with this beautiful Lumba Rakhi Set that has an eye catchy design of Pippala leaf. This set is perfect for your loved ones who are into nature and nature-related designs. The pippala leaf is a symbol of life and it is a symbol of enlightenment. This Lumba Rakhi Set also symbolizes the sun which gives life to all living beings.  


Precious Kundan Beads Designer Rakhi Bracelet For Bhabhi

Exclusively designed with culturally Kundan and beads, this Designer Bracelet Rakhi will mesmerize the receiver. Bracelet style beads are a beautiful addition on your Bhabhi Rakhi. This Rakhi is made for the memorable Rakshabandhan. its shows your love for your sister in law and respect for them.