• 23 Jun, 2024

Speech And Essay on International Day of Families 2024

Speech And Essay on International Day of Families 2024

India also observes World Family Day in a big way, with many businesses and organisations participating in the festivities. Here, the celebration of family ties and awareness-raising about the problems families face are the main goals of this occasion. Events are planned by companies for the families of their workers.


Speech And Essay on International Day of Families 2024



A very good morning, afternoon, or evening to the honourable sir or madam, to my dear friends, to seniors, and to respected teachers, Warm regards to all of you! 

We appreciate you all coming to this seminar session and giving up your time. We are gathered here to commemorate the International Day of Families, which is the most significant holiday. May 15th is recognised as the International Day of Families, a day to honour and celebrate the value of families. It seeks to promote equality, equitable distribution of household duties, and job opportunities. The UN (United Nations) General Assembly established the day in 1993 with resolution A/RES/47/237, which symbolises the value that the world places on families.

The family, which is the fundamental and natural unit of society, is essential to the upbringing and care of all members of the household, including young children, adults, men, women, individuals with disabilities, and the elderly. The main force behind a child's growth, education, and socialisation is their family. They are the foundation of social cohesiveness and intergenerational solidarity because they give their members both material and non-material care and support. The International Day for Families is a great opportunity to highlight the value of family solidarity, which is the ability of family members to stick together through difficulties and hardships.

Given that social laws and norms are the expected means of family cohesion and strength, families play a crucial role in the development of society. Living with one's family is not easy, as everyone knows. Finding common ground can be challenging when a family is made up of so many oddballs. A family, however, is the most sophisticated form of human connection. A family could consist of your father, mother, sister, brother, and so on. However, the invisible umbilical cord of love and sacrifice is what binds you all together. Since it is the thread that unites the family, it is a cord that should never be severed. 

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 highlights the significance of allocating resources towards social policies that safeguard the most susceptible individuals and families. Families are the ones who suffer the most from the crisis because they have to take care of their out-of-school children, protect their members from harm, and continue to fulfil their employment obligations.

The centre of intergenerational interactions that help us through this crisis is now the family. Poverty increases in times of economic strain. Stress levels rise during uncertain times, which frequently leads to an increase in violence against women and children. Supporting low-income families, elderly people, people with disabilities, families with small children, and those in inadequate housing is therefore more important than ever. 

Families help us overcome both societal and personal anxieties; they are an integral part of our happiness and sorrows; they also assist us in escaping financial hardships because they bear the brunt of poverty and other financial setbacks for each member of the family. Intergenerational relationships are those that exist between parents and grandparents, between children and their parents, or between children and their grandparents.

Ladies and gentlemen, domestic violence especially gender-based violence is one of the biggest issues that families face. In addition to being excellent role models for our kids, we need to address the violence in our own families. One of the most common violations of human rights in our nation is violence against women, many of whom are mothers. It has far-reaching effects that put women's and children's lives in jeopardy and damage families and communities. For all of us, stopping family violence ought to be our top priority.



Regardless of the social class to which they may belong, Indians are raised with a close bond with their families. According to patrilinear ancestry, a large number of Indians still reside in joint families. This day could be a great opportunity to raise awareness of the various issues that Indian families face, which is something that is much needed. The International Day of Families can be observed in a variety of ways. 

It's a wonderful day to spend with your family. You can organise games for your family to play, singing contests, and other things. Make today all about strengthening your family's bonds. You can ask different family members to discuss any problems they may be having. Make sure the discussion is taking place in a safe environment and assure everyone that they will not face consequences for voicing their opinions.Take advantage of this chance to set up any support systems the family might need. For instance, a child who has a lot of schoolwork piling up might be under a lot of stress and need more family support. Allow the family to get together and work together to find solutions.

This day is a great opportunity for you to make memories. Arrange for a family photo session. You can use props in any imaginative way you like, and you can even hold the event in a place that holds special meaning for your family. 
You can organise a street party with other families in your neighbourhood to celebrate this day with people who are a part of your society and everyday life. This is a fantastic method of fostering community connections.
Make the most of this day to introduce your family to the concept of community service. On this day, you can volunteer for community outreach initiatives and support other low-income families. Speak with your friends if you are separated from them as they may be going through a similar thing. It's critical that you surround yourself with people who will encourage you and celebrate your victories. Never undervalue the significance of forging your own, love- and trust-filled family.

One of the most crucial elements of any society is its family. This is where kids learn how to socialise and fit in with the rest of society. Families also provide support for their elderly relatives. It's critical to take the time to strengthen family ties and deal with problems that families face. Individuals in a happy and healthy family will undoubtedly grow up to be well-off and valuable contributors to society.