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World NGO Day 2023

World NGO Day 2023

The date of World NGO Day is always February 27. The term "non-governmental organization" is abbreviated as "N.G.O." The purpose of Globe NGO Day is to acknowledge, commemorate, and celebrate the vital contributions and significant effects that these autonomous organizations have had on the world.

World NGO Day 2023

Nonprofit organizations (N.G.O.s) have a long history despite being a relatively recent development. In the modern world, their influence is expanding and bringing about good improvements where they are required.

Why is World NGO Day?

Nongovernmental Organization (NGO), is a voluntary association of people or groups founded to offer services or promote public policies but often not connected to any government. While some NGOs are for-profit businesses, by far the bulk is nonprofit institutions. In 2014, the UN, EU leaders, and other international organizations formally observed for the first time. The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs held the global first event of World NGO Day on February 27, 2014, in Helsinki, Finland.

What does NGO day mean?

NGOs are described as any group that is "independent from government involvement and is not for profit" in Article 71 of the United Nations Charter.


Furthermore, these organizations offer advantages to people and communities that might not otherwise be possible. They enhance local communities and the quality of life for local residents. NGOs offer a range of services, including crisis intervention, financial assistance, environmental research, and medical aid.

What are the 3 types of NGOs Registration in India?
   1. Trust Registration
   2. Company Registration
   3. Society Registration

Trust Registration

Under the Trusts Act of 1882, a non-profit organization must register through the trust registration process. To assist members of a precarious and shifting socioeconomic class, public charitable and private trusts have been established. The final consideration in determining whether a trust is public or private is whether a sizable fraction of the public is represented among the beneficiaries. A trust may be created for a number of purposes, such as aiding those in need of education, healthcare, or other services due to poverty or other hardships.

Company Registration

The third method for forming an NGO is Section 8 of the Indian Companies Act, 2013. These companies exist to support, among other things, trade, religion, and charities. The profits of this corporation are used to promote the business rather than being paid to the shareholders. You can establish a private limited corporation or a public limited business, both of which need three directors (2 directors).

Society Registration

By using the society's system, you can register your NGO as another option. According to Section 30 of the Society Registration Act of 1860, groups of people band together to achieve a variety of goals, including charitable, scientific, and other goals.

Which is the largest NGO in India?

In India, there are numerous NGOs trying to improve society, its citizens, and our country. NGOs work around the clock to support the socially disadvantaged. It turns out that it is difficult to choose just one NGO because there are so many others.
One of the biggest NGOs in India is education. They are primarily designed to aid in promoting education among youths. It also works on a number of social issues, including the environment, education, and health. Going to School is an innovative non-profit education trust with headquarters in Delhi, India. It produces gripping narratives to change how children learn in the classroom, online, outside, and on television. In our content, we highlight a number of young women hero entrepreneurs with an emphasis on girls' retention in school and transition from school to a sustainable enterprise of their choice after Grade 12.

Go to School can directly and gratis reach one million children and teenagers in Bihar and Mumbai, Maharashtra, with the aid of the State Governments. Going to School's transformative skills education curriculum gives young people the skills they need to launch sustainable businesses that tackle the causes of climate change while simultaneously generating jobs in both urban and rural India.

World NGO day in India

Nonprofit organizations that offer information sources, services, and networking opportunities to NGOs include the Indian Centre for Philanthropy, the Center for Advancement of Philanthropy, Charities Aid Foundation (India), the National Foundation for India, and the Society for Service to Voluntary Organizations.


A coalition of NGOs has launched the Credibility Alliance with the goal of promoting good governance and more accountability and transparency in the volunteer sector. After two years of comprehensive engagement with thousands of NGOs in India, Credibility Alliance was registered as an autonomous, not-for-profit organization in May 2004. The mission of Credibility Alliance, a standards-setting organization, is to foster trust among all stakeholders. It has close to 600 organizations as members.

World NGO day theme

The day's topic is decided upon each year, and events are held in accordance with it. World NGO Day 2022 has not yet been given a theme. The goal of World NGO Day 2021 was to link NGOs' efforts with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN.

World NGO day 2023

Every year, a different theme is used to mark February 27. While the subject for World NGO Day 2023 has not yet been revealed, the 2021 theme was "Celebrate, Commemorate, Collaborate, Donate." As a result, we will have to wait a little while.


World NGO day quotes

   • Even if we are unaware of it, volunteers' work impacts all of our lives.
   • "A man's life is made up of active compassion and ready service, not of dreaming visions and seeing visions."
   • "Losing yourself in the service of others is the finest way to find yourself."
   • A sacrifice made for someone else's enjoyment "raises us above ourselves."
   • "I cannot change the world as one person, but I can alter the world of one person," someone once said.

World NGO day celebration

Every year on February 27, more than 89 countries get together to celebrate World NGO Day. Since 2014, Pakistan has organised a number of conferences, workshops, webinars, and other events to commemorate World NGO Day.

The Session of INGOs of the Council of Europe holds a high-level conference in recognition of World NGO Day every year. Permanent Representations of Council of Europe Member States and Civil Society Representatives are among those present at the gathering of diverse stakeholders.
Share your stories on this day, whether you are an NGO member or have benefited from one. Find out more about NGOs. Try to volunteer for an NGO that inspires you. To share on social media, use the hashtag #WorldNGODay2023.


World NGO day full form

The full form is Non-Governmental Organizations, or NGOs, which are organizations that are dedicated to improving society. The opportunity to recognize and thank the NGO's founders, staff, volunteers, supporters, and members also comes with World NGO Day.