• 09 Dec, 2023

World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day

The Friday before the March equinox is honored each year as World Sleep Day. The day falls on March 17 this year. The day was developed by somnologists and sleep specialists worldwide to combat erroneous beliefs about the value of sleep and the general disrespect for it.

Because it assists in regulating all bodily systems, getting enough sleep is necessary for holistic health. It takes us very close to equilibrium before we begin another day in a society that is fixated on productivity, which demands power. Sleep is becoming more and more of a luxury because of the ongoing collective lifestyle garbage.


About World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day aims to promote awareness of sleep-related concerns in areas like medicine, education, society, and driving while also celebrating sleep. Through better prevention and management of sleep disorders, it strives to minimize the burden of sleep issues on society. It is coordinated by the World Sleep Day Committee of the World Sleep Society.


Every year, the Friday before the Spring Vernal Equinox is designated as World Sleep Day (the exact date changes annually, but always on a Friday). Global media outlets and celebrities have covered World Sleep Day. World Sleep Day was observed in more than 88 nations worldwide. For the past three years in a row, the hashtag #WorldSleepDay has been a trending topic on Twitter.

History of World Sleep Day

A natural state of relaxation is sleep. By inhibiting muscular action and other unnecessary bodily senses, it aids with the regeneration and replenishment of the mind and body. There are various stages of sleep, each having a special function. Any of these phases that are disrupted might result in physical or mental conditions that have an impact on every aspect of life.

We may conclude that sleep is essential since it significantly impacts the mind and body. As a result, groups like the World Sleep Day Society felt obligated to establish this holiday to raise awareness of the value of sleep. Although everyone sleeps, everyone's understanding of what happens when we sleep varies. Some professionals believe that sleep is a brief coma that enables the body to be both conscious and unconscious.

Many people have sleep-related problems that prevent them from entering this restorative coma-like state, which limits their capacity. In partnership with the World Association of Sleep Medicine, the World Sleep Society, which was established in 2008, created World Sleep Day (W.A.S.M.). Since its beginning, the day's goals and objectives have been to raise awareness of the importance of getting enough sleep to maintain good health and to bring together national and local organizations to work on sleep-related issues.

The day has been commemorated annually with a different theme to further the cause. Day also urges individuals to get help by educating them about various sleep disorders and their treatments.

Theme of World Sleep Day

This year's World Sleep Day has as its theme: "Sleep Is Essential for Health" Sleep is a habit that is fundamental to one's physical, mental, and social well-being, just like eating healthily and exercising.

Sleep is still not often regarded as a necessary habit for optimal health, though. Join hundreds of other sleep health experts and advocates in promoting sleep health on World Sleep Day. Together, we can have a bigger impact on sleep health and #WorldSleepDay than we could individually. On World Sleep Day, raise the profile of sleep by spreading the word about its benefits.

Why is a good night's sleep so crucial?

   • Alzheimer's disease, cognitive decline, and brain aging are all connected to long-term sleep deprivation or frequent interruptions. 
   • These problems can be avoided by leading a healthy lifestyle that emphasizes obtaining enough sleep.

   • The immune system defends the first line of defense against infections, which is strengthened by getting enough sleep. According to experts at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, getting enough sleep also increases the effectiveness of immunizations.
   • Additional advantages of getting enough quality sleep include better judgment, healthier skin, sharper concentration, and memory retention.