• 09 Dec, 2023

World Theatre Day

World Theatre Day

This day serves as a celebration for those who understand the worth and significance of the art form known as "theatre" and as a wake-up call for governments, politicians, and institutions that have yet to acknowledge its importance to the general populace, the individual, and the potential for economic growth.

World Theatre Day has been observed annually on March 27 by ITI Centers, ITI Cooperating Members, theatre professionals, organizations, universities, and theatre enthusiasts

About  World Theatre Day

The International Theatre Institute (ITI) created World Theatre Day in 1961. The ITI Centers and the global theatre community observe it on March 27 every year. To commemorate this occasion, numerous theatre activities at the national and international levels are planned. One of the most significant of these is the distribution of the World Theatre Day Message, in which, at ITI's invitation, a person of note from around the world expresses their thoughts on the subject of theatre and a culture of peace. Jean Cocteau penned the original World Theatre Day Message in 1962.

Since then, World Theatre Day has been observed annually on March 27 (the date of the Paris "Theatre of Nations" season opening in 1962) by ITI Centers, of which there are currently more than 90 around the world. Additionally, it is observed by theatres, theatre enthusiasts, professionals, universities, academies, and schools.


History of  World Theatre Day

The International Theatre Institute has been commemorating the day since 1962. (ITI). The inaugural ITI conference was held in Helsinki, Finland, while the following one was in Vienna. On World Theatre Day, French playwright Jean Cocteau gave the opening address.

Significance of  World Theatre Day

The purpose of this day is to spread awareness of the value of theatre and to educate people about its relevance around the globe. The day offers theatre communities the chance to present their work on a large scale.

What is the purpose of World Theatre Day?

The purpose of the holiday is to spread knowledge about the value of theatre and its role in entertainment, as well as how it may promote economic growth and world peace.

Who is allowed to observe World Theatre Day?

Every year on March 27, ITI and theatre communities throughout the world host special events to celebrate World Theatre Day. Everyone who loves the stage and appreciates its beauty is welcome to attend the celebrations, including theatre professionals, government organizations, ministries of cultures, universities, and colleges of the arts, as well as theatre enthusiasts and fans.

Theme of  World Theatre Day

Performances by actors presented in front of a live audience make up theatre as an art form. The performers engage the audience with their potent storytelling. The same theme, "Theatre and a Culture of Peace," will be the focus of World Theatre Day in 2023.

Wishes of  World Theatre Day

A theatre is an act before it is a place, a verb before it is a noun.

Greeks are the originators of the word theatre. It entails touring the location. People go there to see the reality of life and the state of society. The theatre is a social and spiritual time capsule.

The theatre will make you good; movies will make you famous; television will make you wealthy.

27-march-world-theatre-day-html-7b62915ce4adc8fc.gifThe theatre, in my opinion, is the best form of art because it allows people to communicate their sense of what it means to be human with one another in the most direct way possible.

For actors, a theatre is a hallowed place. You are in control; you are accountable.

A good play needs no epilogue if it is true that excellent wine needs no bush.