• 21 May, 2024


Top 10+ Important Study Desk Accessories for Students

The stationery items that rest on your study table and are always useful while studying are known as study desk accessories or table accessories. For instance, it is always preferable to study in the light of a table lamp or study lamp as opposed to the regular room lights because it prevents eye fatigue from lengthy periods of study.

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World Chess Day : Message and Images

This holiday was instituted by UNESCO in 1966 to commemorate the establishment of FIDE on July 20, 1924, in Paris. The World Championship Cycle and the World Chess Olympiad are just two of the events that are organized globally by FIDE, which today includes 188 national chess organizations. Many people of all ages enjoy playing chess on a regular basis.

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Doctor's Day : Images and Messages

Everyone's life depends on doctors. Every time we require medical attention, we rush to the doctor, and ever since the coronavirus first appeared, doctors have gained superhuman status. Recently, the benefits doctors bring to society became well known. Doctors never stopped fighting for the lives of sick patients while we were segregated.

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Motivational Speech on International Olympic Day

The most important international sporting event is the Olympic Games. In numerous sporting competitions, athletes from all over the world compete. Every two years over four years, the Olympic games, which include both summer and winter sports activities, are conducted. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens, Greece, in 1896. This top sporting event in the globe attracts thousands of

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Importance of World Music Day

Every year on June 21, World Music Day is observed to praise artists and singers for the gift of music, which gives the imagination wings and life to everything. Many people would find no purpose in a world without music, thus World Music Day is celebrated to honor the influence of this form of expression.

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