• 22 Mar, 2023


Winter Bucket List

We've put together a compilation of some of the most popular items on our list, so you can start planning your winter adventures today! This list of winter activities will make your time in the city a lot more enjoyable. From list of activities to tips on how to enjoy your time, we've got you covered!

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Ways To Make Your Home Cozier

We have a wide variety of stylish and comfortable home decor product idea to help you make your home feel like its own little slice of heaven. Our selection includes everything from bedroom sets to living room furniture, and we have something for everyone.

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List Of Must-Have Winter Wear

We've curated a range of winter favorites to stay you cozy and heat whereas wanting stylish all season long. Prepare to buy, as a result of you are going to need to feature these cold-weather necessities to your drawer. It’s winter, thus let’s say winter wardrobe necessities.

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National deworming day in india

National Deworming Day is celebrated annually on February 10 to raise awareness of the value of deworming for all kindergarten and school-age kids between the ages of 1 and 19 years. National Deworming Day goal is "improving their general health, nutritional condition, access to education, and quality of life."

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Republic Day message / Wishes

Every Indian is happy to celebrate Republic Day, which is marked on January 26 each year. On this day in 1950, the nation proclaimed itself to be a sovereign republic with a people's government. India has experienced amazing growth since gaining its independence in 1947, becoming a global leader in many fields of endeavor.

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World Leprosy Day

On the final Sunday in January each year, World Leprosy Day is observed. It is marked in India on January 30th of each year, which also happens to be the anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's passing.

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