• 10 Dec, 2023

World Thinking Day 2023

World Thinking Day 2023

On World Thinking Day, which is observed on February 22, Girl Scouts and Girl Guides from all around the world speak up on topics that impact girls and young women. It is a day of fellowship, sisterhood, and empowerment. Did you know that this occasion raises money for 10 million Girl Scouts and Guides worldwide

The environment and gender equality are the topics of the 2022 World Thinking Day theme, "Our World, Our Equal Future."

What is World Thinking Day

Children are urged to celebrate international friendship on World Thinking Day as well as to speak up about and bring attention to issues affecting young women and girls. The subject for World Thinking Day in the years 2022 through 2024 is "Environment and Climate Change." In 150 countries, 10 million Girl Guides and Girl Scouts participate in World Thinking Day celebrations. Some organizations that focus on boys also observe this day.

History of World Thinking Day

A special day should be set aside every year for members of organizations to reflect on what it means to be a part of their group, it was decided in the USA during the fourth world conference in 1926. to discover more about Girl Scouts and Guides around the world, as well as the effect that membership may have on people's lives.

World Thinking Day Theme 2023

It's crucial to mark World Thinking Day on your teaching calendar. The World Thinking Day topic promotes discussion of global concerns that affect individuals and society at large.
The theme of Our World, Our Peaceful Future will be the focus of World Thinking Day in 2023. The purpose of this theme is to inspire women and girls to consider how they are impacted by climate change and what steps they may take to help lessen its effects.

World Thinking Day Fund

A Belgian delegate at the Seventh World Conference in Poland made the suggestion that the girls' appreciation and friendship should be demonstrated not only through the exchange of birthday wishes but also through birthday presents in the form of a charitable donation to the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

The World Chief Guide Lady Baden-Powell requested "a cent for your ideas" from the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts in her first letter regarding the World Thinking Day Fund in order to assist the Movement. The total raised increased from £520 12s 6d in 1933 to £35,346 in 1971. By promoting the Girl Guiding/Girl Scouting program, the World Thinking Day Fund aims to assist more girls and young women globally.

Activities on World Thinking Day

Every February 22nd, Rangers from Mona Burgin's Unit in Auckland, New Zealand, go in the early morning hours while it is still dark and ascend Maungawhau/Mount Eden. As the sun rises over the ocean, they erect their small bonfire and flagstaff there, raise the Guide World Flag, sing the World Song, and mention some of the people and nations they are Thinking about. This marks the beginning of "The Big Think," which then spreads throughout the entire world.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts from all across the world gather on ScoutLink the weekend before World Thinking Day to communicate with one another and honor their Founders.


Actions To Take On World Thinking Day

   • Be one in ten million and observe World Thinking Day!
   • Be motivated by the background and legacy of our worldwide Movement.
   • Connect with the global Girl Scouting and Guiding sisterhood.
   • Take initiative and speak out on the subjects we care about most.
   • Raise money for global projects that make a difference.