• 23 Apr, 2024

All About Phulera Dooj 2024

All About Phulera Dooj 2024

According to the Hindu calendar for 2024, Phulera Dooj 2024 is observed on the second day of the Phalgun month, or Dwitiya tithi, during the Shukla Paksha. The day is observed in either February or March, based on the 2024 Gregorian calendar. Annually, the Phulera Dooj festival falls between two major celebrations: Holi and Vasant Panchami.


All About Phulera Dooj 2024

Phulera Dooj is a big day in the Braj region, particularly in Mathura and Vrindavan. In the Hindu calendar, Phulera Dooj falls on Shukla Paksha Dwitiya in the month of Phagun. Between the festivals of Holi and Vasant Panchami is Phulera Dooj. Krishna temples organise a special Darshan, which shows Lord Krishna getting ready for the impending Holi, because of the timing of it. Phulera Duj or Phoolera Dooj are other spelling variations of Phulera Dooj. Astrologically speaking, Phulera Dooj is a day devoid of any flaws or doshas. Therefore, on the day of Phulera Dooj, there is no need for a muhurat for any auspicious work, particularly marriage ceremonies. This viewpoint is controversial, though, and not all astrologers share it. It's possible that the marriage muhurta(s) on this website do not include Phulera Dooj as an auspicious day for the marriage ceremony.


Phulera Dooj Meaning

The Phulera Dooj festival is regarded as the most auspicious and elevated day. All of North India celebrates this festival, but it is particularly significant in the areas of Braj, Mathura, and Vrindavan. Lord Krishna is the sole object of devotion during this festival. In the Hindu calendar, Phulera Dooj falls in the month of Phagun on the Shukla Paksha Dwitiya. Between Holi and Vasant Panchami, there is Phulera Dooj. The idol of Lord Krishna is depicted getting ready for the impending Holi festival, and the temples dedicated to him are specially decorated on the day of Phulera Dooj. Thousands of devotees flock to the well-known Shri Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan on this day. The Shri Banke Bihari Temple has floral decorations. Phulera literally translates to "flower," alluding to flowers. Lord Krishna is said to play with flowers. Consequently, Lord Krishna plays Holi with vibrant flowers on this day. People's lives are made happier and more joyful by this festival. This celebration serves as a prompt to give thanks for all that Mother Nature has provided.


The Phulera Dooj Story

It's thought that Lord Krishna had been working hard for a while. Lord Krishna was unable to meet Radha Rani as a result. Radha Rani's life became very depressing. Radha Rani's unhappiness had a negative impact on nature. Lord Krishna noticed this and went to meet Radha Rani in order to ease her pain and suffering. There was once more greenery everywhere when Radha and the gopis were happy to see Lord Krishna and Radha Rani. After plucking a flower, Shri Krishna flung it onto Radharani. Following this, Radha picked flowers and threw them at Krishna. Subsequently, the gopis also began hurling flowers at one another. Flowers began to bloom everywhere for Holi. On the second day of Shukla Paksha in the month of Falgun, all of this occurred. Since then, Phulera Dooj, a festival, has been observed on this date.


Significance of Phulera Dooj 

Phulera Dooj is regarded as a very auspicious day because, as per astronomical calculations, every moment of that day is free from any "Dosha" or defects and is referred to as "aboojh muhurat." As a result, on Phulera Dooj, any "muhurat," or time, can be chosen for any auspicious ceremony, such as marriage. For this reason, it is not necessary to speak with a pandit or an astrologer in order to determine an auspicious time on Phulera Dooj. This is the day that most weddings in North India start. Phulera Dooj is the ideal day for anyone planning to launch a new business. In conclusion, the Phulera Dooj festival represents how Lord Krishna returns all of the love and affection that His devotees have shown Him.


Date of Phulera Dooj Pooja and Puja Hours

Phulera Dooj, March 12, 2024, Tuesday
Timings of Phulera Dooj Puja:
Dwitiya Tithi Commences on March 11, 2024, at 10:44 AM
Dwitiya Tithi Ends on March 12, 2024, at 7:12 AM


Phulera Dooj celebrations: 

This festival, which is primarily observed in North India, is devoted to Lord Krishna. Worshipping Lord Krishna with complete devotion, devotees ask for His blessing to lead prosperous and happy lives. People adorn their homes' idols of Lord Krishna in exquisite ways on this day. Playing Holi with flowers and their deity is a ritual on this day. On the holy day of Phulera Dooj, special events are held in almost all of the temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, particularly in the Braj region where the Lord spent the majority of His life. The temples are adorned with exquisite decorations and teeming with worshippers from various locations. Following the "Shayan Bhog," the colour is eliminated at night. Watching such a magnificent portrayal of Lord Krishna is truly amazing.

On this day, special "Bhog" is made, which includes "Pohas" and other unique recipes. This "Bhog" is given to Lord Krishna and then given out as "Prasad" to the devotees. "Samaj mein rasiya" and "Sandhya Aarti" are the two main daily rituals. Lord Krishna's followers are welcome to take part in the religious ceremonies conducted in the temples. They sing "bhajans," or devotional songs, all day long in adoration of Lord Krishna. In observance of Holi, Lord Krishna's idols are also decorated with some colours. All of the gathered devotees at the temple receive colour, or "gulal," from the priests at the conclusion of the event. Seeing these festivities is highly recommended, particularly at the Mathura and Vrindavan temples.