• 21 May, 2024

April Fool's Day Short Story

April Fool's Day Short Story

In most countries, April 1st is designated as April Fools' Day, or All Fools' Day. Its name comes from the custom of pulling practical jokes on people on this day, like sending them on “fools' errands.” Even though the day has been observed for millennia, its precise beginnings are still a mystery. It is comparable to the Holi festival in India and the Hilaria festival in ancient Rome.


April Fool's Day Short Story

Every year on April 1st, people celebrate April Fools' Day, a day when they pull practical jokes and practical tricks on one another. Although its beginnings are not entirely clear, it has a long history and is associated with various historical and cultural practices. It is believed that the current version originated in France during the 16th century. Though it varies by nation, generally speaking, it's a day for lighthearted humour and practical jokes. But, you should exercise caution because not all of the information you hear on this day is reliable.

Happy April Fools' Day Celebration Illustration wearing a Jester Hat and Surprise for Web Banner or Landing Page in Flat Cartoon Hand Drawn Templates Happy April Fools' Day Celebration Illustration wearing a Jester Hat and Surprise for Web Banner or Landing Page in Flat Cartoon Hand Drawn Templates April Fool's Day stock illustrations



Neerja awakens at seven in the morning. She discovers that her room is covered in balloons, frills, and decorations, and that she is wearing a birthday cap over her head. A banner that reads "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" is hung on the wall. She's simultaneously surprised and perplexed. Is today my birthday? But it's August, so how is it possible that it's today?," she thought as she glances at her phone's calendar. August 27th is listed as her birthday. She is becoming increasingly perplexed. Her Mamma-Papa and older brother Naitik soon appear in the room carrying party poppers, snow sprays, and a large box of cake. They immediately begin singing the birthday jingle. Up until now, she was almost certain that it was her birthday, so she wasn't confused for any reason.

As she steps forward to cut the cake, everything suddenly becomes clear as she lifts the box's lid. The words "April Fool!" are written on a joker mask on the box. They start to laugh so hard that she realises she's already been duped. The day starts out like this. Neerja now holds the title of "FOOL OF THE YEAR!" as a ritual. She must also give the title to someone else if she decides she doesn't want it.

She packs her bag, gets ready for school, and heads out. She can't stop thinking about ways to join the "fool's chain," of which she is the first member, as she drives to school. She arrives at the school and goes into the classroom soon after. The extremely naive Hari approaches her and takes a seat on the bench next to her. She can't decide whether or not to trick a guy like him who seems innocent. She discovers later that it's just a recreational game. Playing it with a partner is perfectly OK.  

She has a thought to deceive him. "Hello, Hari!" she says as she approaches him. You were called to the staff room by the teacher, didn't the class monitor tell you? Not at all. Why? "What did I do?" he asked, looking a little scared. "The class teacher actually wants you to be the new class monitor," the woman remarks. "Aha! Really? With excitement, Hari asks. "Yes," she answers. He bolts for the staffroom, where she later discovers him receiving a reprimand from the class teacher. She had no desire for this at all. She understands that she has made a grave error.

After picking up his bag, Hari goes back to his seat, which is far away from Neerja. He is undoubtedly upset. Neerja makes the decision to apologise to him for her actions. The bell for break rings. She approaches his chair and apologises profusely, saying that she shouldn't have treated him in this way. I didn't know that getting reprimanded by the teacher would result in you being named "FOOL OF THE YEAR," so I just wanted to give the title to someone else. "It's alright," he answered. "FOOL OF THE YEAR?" I wonder. He questioned inquisitively. His innocent question causes Neerja to burst into laughter. Hari chuckles as well.

Both of them ended up being the only participants in the "chain of fools," but they were glad that this chain also marked the start of their friendship.