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Chhath Puja 2022

Chhath Puja 2022

Chhath Puja, conjointly called Sun Shashthi is widely known in the Hindu calendar month Shukla Shashthi. This pageant is widely known when half a dozen days before Diwali and is primarily celebrated within the states of state, state, and Jharkhand with nice fanfare

On Chhath Puja, worshipping Sun God and Chhathi Maiya helps you gain health, wealth, and happiness. Within the previous few years, Chhath Pooja has had a special significance as a people pageant. This can be the explanation for why the pageant is widely known for with nice elegance and show.


Story behind Chhath Puja.

The Chhathi Maiya is worshiped on the Chhath pageant, which is additionally mentioned within the Brahma Vaivarta Sanskrit literature. In step with a legend, King Priyavrat, son of the initial Manu Swayambhu, had no youngsters. As a result, he was terribly unhappy.


Maharishi Kashyap asked him to try to do a yajna. In step with Maharishi's orders, he performed a yajna for a son. After this, Queen Malini gave birth to a son however sadly the baby was born dead. King and different relations were terribly unhappy as a result of this. Solely then a craft saw within the sky, wherever Mata Shashthi was sitting. Once the king prayed to her, then she introduced herself and aforesaid that, I'm the manas girl of Lord Brahma, Shashthi Devi. I defend all the youngsters of the globe and provide the blessings of youngsters to all or any unfruitful folks.

After this, divinity blessed the lifeless kid together with her hands, in order that he was alive. The king was very happy with the grace of divinity and he worshiped the divinity, Shashthi Devi. It's believed that once this puja, this pageant is well known worldwide.

Why Chhath Puja is celebrated?

Once Lord Sun poke fun at a girl regarding her look WHO was doing preparation for Lord Vishnu's prayer. Maharishi Naarad curses lord Sun to become a girl and can lose all his brightness as he didn’t perceive the pain of a girl and the way she manages each household and manage to wish her lord.

Sun god realizes his fault and apologies for the error and asked to require back the curse. Maharishi Naarad settles for his apology however aforementioned Maharishi Curse can’t be reversed however you have got to be a girl to know the importance and pain they are going through every day. And these girls can assist you to retain your brightness.


On the sixth day of Amavasya (No moon day) of Kartik Maasa, Sun turns to a girl however all devotees chiefly girls lightened a (Diya) lamp that is the image of sun brightness and keep it alive the whole night until the sun rises the next day and do troublesome abstinence to stay the sunshine invariably.

When is Chhath Puja in 2022?

Normally, this Kartika and Shukla Paksha falls in the Gregorian calendar month or Gregorian calendar month as per the Gregorian English Calendar however it's conjointly celebrated on Chaitra month falls within the summer between March – April is understood as Chaiti Chhath. It's a tricky competition that demands keep not a drop of water for thirty-six hours unendingly.


28 October 2022 : Nahay-Khay First Day of Chhath Festival.
29 October 2022 : Kharna and Lohanda Second Day of Chhath Festival.
30 October 2022 : Sandhya Arghya Third Day of Chhath Festival.
31 October 2022 : Usha Arghya Fourth Day of Chhath Festival.

The competition would begin on the twenty-eighth Gregorian calendar month which would endways the thirty-first of October (sunrise). Have a glance at the ritual calendar for Chhath Puja 2022.

Who started Chhath Puja?

In the religious writing, Chhath Puja was performed by Kunti when they were at liberty from Lakshagriha. It's additionally believed that Karna, the son of Surya and Kunti, was formed when Kunti performed Chhath puja. Draupadi is additionally same to perform the Puja for Pandavas to win the Kurukshetra War.


Who celebrates Chhath Puja?

Almost all civilizations have idolized the 'God Sun', however, it's a novel type in Bihar Chhath Puja is the sole occasion wherever the setting sun is idolized at the side of the rising sun.


How to celebrate Chhath Puja?

Chhath Puja additionally referred to as the Hindu deity Shashti could be a bathing competition followed by a four-day amount of abstinence and ritual purity. Chhath Puja could be a four-day long strict and religious observance.


1. The primary day of the Chhath Puja includes taking a dip within the holy river/any water body. Folks additionally take the water of the Ganges River to their homes to perform special offerings and rituals. Homes area unit was totally cleansed today. 

2. The second day of Chhath, additionally referred to as Kharna, involves devotees observant each day long quick, that is tame the late evening when acting the worship of Mother Earth. The offerings to God embrace rice pudding (kheer) and fruits, that are distributed among members of the family and friends. 

3. The third day of Chhath goes within the preparation of the prasad (offerings) for the evening offerings, additionally referred to as Sanjhiya Arghya.
In the evening, giant numbers of devotees gather on the banks of rivers and build offerings (Arghya) to the setting sun. The folk songs area unit vie to display the culture and history of the province. The night of the third-day witnesses a colorful event referred to as Kosi. A cover is formed from sugarcane sticks and lighted material lamps area unit placed within the cover together with baskets stuffed with prasad. 

4. On the fourth and final day of Chhath, members of the family and friends head to the banks of rivers before sunrise and create offerings (Arghya) to the rising sun. When this ritual, devotees break their quick and distribute Prasad to neighbors and relatives.