• 10 Dec, 2023

Essay on National Vaccination Day

Essay on National Vaccination Day

The purpose of designating March 16 as National Vaccination Day in India is to recognize and show appreciation for the dedication of front-line healthcare professionals who work to guarantee that every kid receives vaccinations.

India has made impressive strides toward increasing routine vaccination through more aggressive vaccination campaigns. Through the immunization of more than 324 million children between 2017 and 2020 through MR vaccination campaigns, the nation is advancing toward the elimination of measles and rubella.

What are vaccines?

The most effective way to stop extremely contagious diseases is through vaccination. The majority of the smallpox epidemic's worldwide elimination and the global containment of illnesses like polio, measles, and tetanus can be attributed to widespread immunity brought on by vaccination.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are currently licensed vaccinations available to prevent or supplement the prevention and treatment of 25 avoidable illnesses.

History of  National Vaccination Day

In India, the first dose of the oral polio vaccination was administered in 1995. The government's pulse polio program is therefore observed on national immunization day or vaccination day with the aim of completely eliminating polio from the nation.

Following the discovery of the final incidence of polio in Bengal in 2011, numerous vaccination campaigns against diseases like tetanus, mumps, and tuberculosis were started.

Significance of  National Vaccination Day

The time of day is crucial since it helps to emphasize the need of getting vaccinated. Even the Indian government is making the required preparations to immunize the entire nation against the extremely dangerous disease. Getting vaccinated aids in the prevention and motivates people to maintain a strong immune system and stay healthy.

Theme of  National Vaccination Day

On March 16, 2023, National Vaccination Day 2023 will be held to assist people to learn how vaccinations protect them from infectious diseases. The subject for National Vaccination Day in 2023 has not yet been chosen, however, in 2022 it was "Vaccines Work for everyone."

Information on vaccinations in India

UIP launched Mission Indradhanush in December 2014 to enhance the health of mothers and children who are not immunized.
The mission to intensify the Indradhanush immunization campaign was launched in 2019.

By the year 2030, Mission Intensified Indradhanush hopes to meet the Sustainable Development Goal of ending preventable child deaths.

Quotes of  National Vaccination Day

"We think incredible progress can be achieved, both in the development of new vaccines and in ensuring that they are distributed to all the children who require them,".

"It is obvious that prevention alone will never be adequate. We th, therefore, quire a vaccine that is secure.

"Vaccines save lives; anxiety puts them at risk. It's a straightforward message that parents must keep hearing.

"Polio's fairly special because after an eradication, it's just there as a present for the rest of life; you don't have to spend money on it."

"Vaccines are the tugboats of preventative health," said number five.

"Immunization has been a fantastic success story for public health. Millions of youngsters now have a better opportunity at living longer, healthier lives, learning, playing, reading, and writing, as well as being able to move around pain-free.

"Vaccines are a wonder treatment. Eight out of ten kids are receiving vaccinations."

"Until every country is safe, no country is safe."

"One of the major achievements of contemporary medicine is the development of childhood vaccinations. In fact, whooping cough, polio, diphtheria, hepatitis, and a host of other ailments are no longer a concern for parents whose children have received vaccinations."

"The biggest success story in medical history may very well be the universal vaccination program."