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Essay on rainy season 1000 words

Essay on rainy season 1000 words

From the middle of June to the end of August, it lasts. The Southwest Monsoon is to blame. The wind from the south-west brings rain throughout the second week of June.


Essay on rainy season 1000 words

It's a tropical country, India. There are twelve months and six seasons in a calendar year. As a rule of nature, every month and season arrives one after the other. However, there are just three seasons that we experience in India: summer, rainy, and winter. The arrival of rain brings endless joy and happiness to the people after the oppressive heat of the summer. From the middle of June to the end of August, it lasts. The Southwest Monsoon is to blame. The wind from the south-west brings rain throughout the second week of June.

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The rainy season follows the summer in the seasonal cycle. Even though there are six seasons, we in India only experience the effects of the summer, the wet season, and the winter. Only a few days after spring arrives, the sweltering heat of summer sets in.

In India, the summer sun's rays strike the planet vertically. Rivers, tanks, wells, and ponds all dry up as a result of the sun's intense heat. Water evaporates, releasing water vapours into the atmosphere. By coming into contact with the cool air there, they condense and eventually fall to the ground as rain.

The second week of June often marks the beginning of the southwest monsoon across India. In the third week of June, monsoon rain falls across the entire country of India. Ponds, tanks, wells, and rivers are all filled with water as a result of the recent heavy rain.

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Farmers can be seen growing paddy plants and sowing seeds. When the paddy plants reach a certain height, the fields were deleted. Their delight at seeing their green paddy plants swaying in the wind beyond all bounds. All of the fields are green.

A magnificent view is provided by trees, hill slopes, and mountains covered with green foliage. The sky is still cloudy, and the sun is not seen for several days. With A Sweet Murmur, Streams Flow Down. Mother Earth seems to be dressed in a lovely green sari.

The abundance of grass for the cattle to graze makes them happy. The Cowherd Boys Sing Happy Songs. Children Experience Extreme Joy. They enjoy floating paper boats in flowing streams and getting soaked in the rainwater.

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Floods are brought on by excessive rain in the catchment areas or sources of rivers. The banks of the rivers frequently overflow with floodwater, submerging the nearby villages and cornfields. It Significantly Deteriorates Standing Crops. Houses made of mud collapse.

At the mercy of the current, cattle and thatched roofs drift downward. Many people suffer. They are unable to leave their homes for days. Schools and colleges in these areas continue to be closed. Also suffering greatly are cattle. They go days without eating and frequently pass away from hunger. Village roads become sluggish and impassable.

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Both young and old enjoy playing cards and chess indoors while passing the time. Vegetables are widely available. Flowers of all hues bloom and enhance the beauty of nature. In the countryside, smoke is seen rising up into the air in lovely curls from people's thatched houses as they light a fire to cook their food in the evening.

Indeed, this is a beautiful sight to take in. It has charm because to a rainbow that can be seen in the sky. Festivals like the Ratha Yatra (Car Festival) and the Raja are held at this time. People celebrate Janmashtami and Rakhi Bandhan. On some of these festive occasions, people dress in new attire, bake a variety of cakes, and have fun in many ways.

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