• 23 Sep, 2023

International Day of Happiness

International Day of Happiness

On March 20, the International Day of Happiness, revel in your happiness if you so choose. Most of the time, we should be glad, save from when we're neutral. Here's a day to cheer up and enjoy the wonderful things and silver linings in life because, unfortunately, emotions like anger and despair are increasingly becoming the default way to be for many of us.

About   Happiness Day

On March 20, people around the world will commemorate the International Day of Happiness. On June 28, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly formed it. The purpose of the International Day of Happiness is to raise awareness of the value of happiness in people's lives.

The United Nations introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015 in an effort to improve people's lives. Eliminating poverty, reducing inequality, and preserving the environment are its key development objectives. The International Day of Happiness is being observed, and the United Nations welcomes people of all ages to participate.

Objective of  Happiness Day

The purpose of the International Day of Happiness, which is observed annually, is to raise awareness of the value of happiness and well-being in people's lives and to advance the idea that policy goals should aim for a more inclusive, equitable, and balanced method of economic growth that encourages sustainable development, the eradication of poverty, happiness, and the well-being of all people.

History of  Happiness Day

In the 1970s, Bhutan decided to place a higher priority on national happiness than on national income. At the 66th General Assembly, Bhutan is renowned for choosing to prioritize Gross National Happiness over Gross National Product. During the session, the nation also sponsored a high-level discussion on "Happiness and Well-Being: Defining a New Economic Paradigm."

When the UN unveiled 17 Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, these objectives included eradicating poverty, decreasing inequality, and preserving the environment.

Celebration of  Happiness Day

The UN General Assembly encourages individuals to continue making progress and doing the little things that improve their lives on World Happiness Day. 

On this International Day of Happiness, be happy and share that happiness with your loved ones. People will feel better and more fulfilled in life if they take the time to reflect on and appreciate all of the tiny things in their lives for which they are grateful. Think about developing a daily routine for this, like keeping a thankfulness journal. Spend time with loved ones and work to mend any connections that are going through a difficult time because happy people have healthy relationships.

Consider enrolling in a step-by-step program where you meet with like-minded people every day to support one another in taking action and leading healthier lives. You can also collaborate with or give to a charity of your choice that promotes good acts. Connecting with people through social networking is another option. On this day, it is an especially potent instrument because it enables us to instantaneously share and disseminate our actions and the joy they provide throughout the entire world.

Theme of  Happiness Day

Keep Calm, Stay Wise, and Be Kind is the topic for Happiness Day in 2022. The secret to happiness and satisfaction is to remain cool under pressure. Keeping your head in adversity leads to more successful decisions and actions. Being understanding of others' needs, shortcomings, and blunders will promote growth and improve moods. Check out Current Affairs' article on the International Day of Happiness (2022) for more information.

Wishes of  Happiness Day

   • Being content with modest successes can lead to long-lasting happiness. Dear Colleagues, on this great day, I wish you all the happiness in the world!
   • You're more inclined to be creative when your mind is at ease. To succeed in the future, you must be content in the present.
   • Your best outfit is joy, my friend! I hope everything works out for you and that you keep your charming smile. On this International Day of Happiness, we send you our best wishes for happiness.
   • Take in the friendly laughter and joyous smiles that surround you.
   • Happy birthday! Today is International Happiness Day. Your surroundings have the capacity to make you happy, therefore