• 04 Feb, 2023

Makar Sankranti Decoration

Makar Sankranti Decoration

One of the most important holidays in the Hindu calendar, Makar Sankranti, commonly known as Sankranti, is dedicated to the Sun deity. The spring season is announced by this harvest festival. One of the few holidays observed in harmony with the solar cycle, Makar Sankranti marks the sun's entry into the makar or Capricorn horoscope.

During this holiday, people get the chance to interact with one another, spread joy, and enjoy time spent with loved ones. To give your property a nice appearance, you can employ a range of decorations.

Making Rangoli


Sanskrit for "a variety of colors" is "rangoli." It is thought to elicit good fortune, success, and enjoyment in the home as well as welcome guests. With time, rangoli art has also incorporated originality and innovation. Making a rangoli pattern at the front of your house for the specific festive event of Makar Sankranti will be one of the best Sankranti decor ideas at the house. Kite drawings, geometric designs, flower patterns, and other designs may all be made using rangoli in a range of ways.

Kite Crafting


Using paper crafts, you can enhance the appearance of your home during the Sankranti festival. Colorful sheets can be used to make kites, or you can simply bring additional kites for decoration. The front entrance, home walls, rooftop walls, stair rails, dining room tables, etc. can all be used as mounting points for these kites. Additionally, you can create paper kite torans to hang from ceilings or roofs. Just recollect to use other design ideas as well and not go excessive with the kite theme.

Flowers Decoration


For the Sankranti festival, utilize flowers to adorn the front door and rooftop of the house since they create a highly colorful and entrancing appearance. Flowers can be utilized in a variety of ways to adorn a room, such as to create flowering arches over doors or to create rangoli patterns that resemble kites by combining different colored flowers. Flowers can be used to spruce up the windows and railings inside the home.

Rangwell Color Rice Paper Hanging Lantern


Rangwell hanging paper lamps for indoor and outdoor decoration for every occasion. Round Paper Lanterns are a great, budget-friendly choice that can be hung anywhere with Lighting Kits Cords for your celebration. Put the lanterns together and hang them on the tree or on the ceiling to make the party more lively and interesting.

Hanging Toran


Home decor items Festival Decorative Item makar sankranti.  Decorative makar Sankranti Lohri decoration items for the home as Vastu good luck gifts. Traditionally this main door hanging toran was used during Sankranti. All festivals to makar Sankranti items, Lohri decoration items. Perfect For makar Sankranti items gift Stylish Look on entrance door windows and wall décor.
This wall hanging gives a royal touch to your home and surprises your friends and guests with artistic and authentic Indian craftsmen's work. Highlighting the fine and intricate detailing, this beautiful vintage art can be a surprise for your loved ones.

Woolen Handmade Colorful Kite Hanging


It is a traditional item made up of woolen and bamboo sticks. This wall hanging gives a royal and beautiful look to your home and surprises your friend and guests. Perfect for the backdrop to hang from walls and around party venues.

Paper Hanging Fans


Just hang paper fans with a simple string for creative decoration. We try to save you some time. Each item takes a few minutes to assemble and hang. Remove the wrapper fan, open it by hand, then bond the two sides, and fasten the paper clip to the paper fan. If you use the clip to fasten the fan, it gives you the chance to reuse the fans for future parties. There is also a hang line on each paper fan that allows you to hang it anywhere.
Relax and Enjoy your party! These paper rosettes are so bright and vivid that immediately brighten up the mood and create an enjoyable atmosphere for your celebration!