• 23 Sep, 2023

National Productivity Day

National Productivity Day

Every year on February 12th, NPC observes National Productivity Day to raise public awareness of the idea of productivity and the tools and practices for it. The major goal is to raise awareness of productivity and innovation among small and medium-sized businesses.

National Productivity Day


What is the theme of National productivity day 2022?

Self-Reliance via Productivity is the focus of National Productivity Day in 2022. Industry 4.0 Leapfrog Opportunity for India was the focus of National Productivity Day in 2021. 2009's theme, "Circular Economy for Productivity and Sustainability," aimed to draw attention to the economy's shift from a linear to a circular route.


National Productivity Day is very important since it inspires individuals to work more productively. The NPC is in charge of hosting the event and making sure that the nation sets new productivity targets each year and meets them.

When was National productivity day observed?

India celebrates National Productivity Day on February 12 each year. The National Productivity Council's mission is to encourage and advance quality and productivity awareness throughout the nation. The primary goal of the day is to motivate all participants to use productivity tools and practices that address current, pertinent issues.

What is self-reliance through productivity?

Self-reliance, or "Atma Nirbharta," is a characteristic that can be applied to a group of people, a country, or an individual. Simply said, it is having everything necessary for oneself to sustain life and advance economically. Development and independence may be used interchangeably.


Productivity, also known as "Utpadakta," is the rate at which a business or nation produces goods. It is typically measured in relation to the number of resources used to generate goods and services.
Increased productivity is essential for the country to become self-sufficient. The National Productivity Council (NPC) chose the subject "Self Reliance Through Productivity" or " " for the National Productivity Week celebrations taking place from February 12–18, 2022, in light of the significance of productivity in achieving self-reliance.

National productivity day in India

India's National Productivity Day is a significant event that honors people and organizations for their contributions to raising productivity throughout the nation. Productivity plays a key role in a nation's economic growth and directly affects the standard of life for its citizens. A government-funded institution called the National Productivity Council (NPC) is in charge of encouraging productivity in India.

The NPC carries out productivity-related research, training, and consultancy as well as offers technical support to different economic sectors. The purpose of the day is to encourage the adoption of best practices and cutting-edge technology that can boost productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness across a range of economic sectors.

National productivity day theme 2023

The National Productivity Council selects a subject each year, and the celebration of National Productivity is centered around that theme. The theme for the previous year's observation was "Self Reliance Through Productivity." National Productivity Day 2023 “Productivity, Green Growth, and Sustainability: Celebrating India's G-20 Presidency”.

National productivity day quotes


"The opportunity to work hard at a worthwhile job is by far the best gift that life has to offer."

"Great individuals think of utilising their time; ordinary ones think of using their time,"

"I don't think I'm very smart; I just deal with them for a longer period of time."

"Make an effort to be useful rather than busy."

"Being productive is doing things that you have never been able to do before," the saying goes.

"Productivity never happens by chance. It always comes from a dedication to quality, thoughtful preparation, and determined work."

"If you ponder about something too much, you'll never finish it."

"No new strategy is required for the following year. You must make a commitment."

National productivity council

In India, there is a national organization that supports production. It was established in 1958 by the Government of India's Ministry of Industry. It is a multi-partite, independent, non-profit organization that is recognized by the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860.


NPC is a founding member of the Asian Productivity Organisation (APO), an Inter-Governmental Organization with its headquarters in Tokyo. By increasing productivity, competitiveness, revenues, safety, and quality, the National Productivity Council provides a solution.

National Productivity Day Significance

The day is honored every year from February 12 to February 18 as a part of National Productivity Week, which is sponsored by the National Productivity Council (NPC). Both National Productivity Day and National Productivity Week are observed to help India become a global leader by bringing everyone's attention to the importance of raising quality, efficiency, and competitiveness levels across all facets of the nation's economy.


Additionally, the day promotes productivity as a "developing concept" that not only considers concerns connected to raising production but also those linked to quality, the environment, human resource development, and other factors. The purpose of National Productivity Day is to raise awareness of the actions that may be taken to improve the nation's productivity and construct a socioeconomic development model that is more all-encompassing and sustainable.