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Pi Day - 14 March - messages, wishes and quotes

Pi Day - 14 March - messages, wishes  and quotes

This is a day to celebrate the mathematical and astronomical meaning of Pi. Today we are focusing on the day's namesake, which is the mathematical constant that describes how many digits are in a number. So happy Pi Day!

All about Pi Day

For people who value mathematics and want to honor Albert Einstein, this is a unique occasion. Pi Day is observed on March 14 each year to honor the Pi mathematical constant. Einstein, one of the greatest physicists of all time, was born on this day as well. March 14, the day of Pi, saw the birth of Albert Einstein.

Pi Day: What is it?

Every year on March 14, Pi Day is observed to honor the Pi () mathematical constant. The date (3/14) matches the first three digits of the mathematical constant when stated in the month/day format.

The ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter is a mathematical constant, and Pi Day has an entire webpage devoted to it.

History of  Pi Day 

Mathematician Archimedes of Syracuse estimated the Pi's value for the first time. When Leonhard Euler used the sign of Pi in 1737, the scientific community eventually embraced it.

American scientist Larry Shaw commemorated Pi Day for the first time in 1988. On this day, people also partake in competitions and consume pie as part of the festivities.

Pi's Interesting Facts

Pi is an irrational number that is most frequently represented as the fraction 22/7 or the decimal 3.14. For more than 4,000 years, it has piqued people's interest all around the world. Numerous mathematicians, including well-known ones like Fibonacci, Newton, Leibniz, and Gauss, toiled over the number Pi, calculated its digits, and used it in a variety of contexts.

An element of Egyptian mythology is pi. People in Egypt thought that pi was the basis for the construction of the Giza pyramids.

Exactly why is it observed on March 14?

The world observes Pi Day on March 14 each year to recognize the mathematical constant Pi. Pi is defined as the reciprocal of the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and its value is 3.14. In 1988, American physicist Larry Shaw recognized the day by planning a major party at the San Francisco Exploratorium. The 40th General Conference of Unesco resolved to recognize Pi Day as the International Day of Mathematics in 2019.

March 14 is the value of Pi for those who use the month/date format. The third month of the year, which is also the value's starting point, in March. The date of March 14 was chosen since the next number is 14. To commemorate this day, math lovers organize enjoyable events all over the world. Because pie and Pi are homophones in English and have circular shapes, they also eat pie as part of the festivities.