• 21 Feb, 2024

Winter Bucket List

Winter Bucket List

We've put together a compilation of some of the most popular items on our list, so you can start planning your winter adventures today! This list of winter activities will make your time in the city a lot more enjoyable. From list of activities to tips on how to enjoy your time, we've got you covered!

10 Things You Have In Common With WINTER BUCKET LIST


The leaves have mostly gone from the trees and the sun has mostly disappeared, which can only imply that Winter is unquestionably approaching. Making a winter bucket list full of enjoyable activities for cold weather is a better alternative to staying at home and waiting for the snow to melt and the beach weather to return. Put on your snow boots, don some gloves, and take advantage of the change in season.

1. Make Hot Chocolate


Nothing compares to enjoying a cup of hot cocoa as a fire burns. Your bucket list should be written this manner (hint, hint)! You can prepare an Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate that is straightforward or a Red Velvet Hot Chocolate that is more fancy. Sip it in your preferred bucket list cup from our buck & co. shop, don't forget!

2. Scrapbook


Scrapbooking is still popular, and it's among the best winter pastimes for both adults and children. Furthermore, isn't it time you have done something with all those boxes of disorganized photos?

3. Watch a TV Series


Why not curl up in your favorite pajamas, get a cup of hot cocoa, and spend some relaxing time binge-watching a fun TV show? This is a simple activity that you can do with the kids, as a couple, or even by yourself. You could want to watch a favorite TV show again or you might want to give a new one a shot.

4.  Snowshoe Hike


Snowshoeing is a great way to spend some time outside and have a lot of fun. In addition, it can be an interesting activity to do with friends or family. Hiking is another great winter activity. Not only does it require some basic skills, but it can also be a beautiful walk in the park.

5. Book Reading by Fire


When you have a fantastic book to read, the fire is even better. Even hundreds of free novels are available on Amazon for your Kindle. Lacking a Kindle? You can even download my book via Amazon, which is a shameless plus! No problem; just download the Kindle app to your smartphone or tablet. Do you enjoy turning the pages of a book? Visit your neighbourhood thrift store, where you can often purchase a book for less than $1.

6. Camp out in Room


Imagine spending an evening camping with the whole family in the living room. Set up a pop-up tent in the center of the room by moving the furniture out of the way. Next, gather your pillows, blankets, snacks, books, and anything else you wish to use as a distraction while you are offline.

7. Knit Scarf


Scarves are simple projects for beginning knitters and may be worn in a variety of ways to hide any foolish errors. Additionally, people who perfect the technique won't ever need to purchase Christmas gifts again!

8. Cooking Class


I like attending cooking classes when I travel because I run a restaurant and am a chef (but, you could also find some close to home). In many cities, I've learned how to cook pierogi, pad thai, and macarons. Nothing beats picking the brains of chefs who have perfected their craft to discover tips and tricks.

9. Have a Bonfire


Who doesn't enjoy cozying up close to a fire pit in the winter? Make calls to your friends and assemble your family together for a fun outdoor campfire occasion. You can eat your favourite food while telling ghost stories while seated around the fire.

10. Decorate Cookies


Although my husband and I had a great time decorating sugar cookies on our own, it will be the ideal activity to do with your children. Just use your preferred cookie cutter shape and Alton Brown's foolproof sugar cookie recipe. The fact that you can consume the results of your activities is the best part. Fun!