• 20 Jul, 2024

World Bicycle Day

World Bicycle Day

The 3rd of June has been designated as World Bicycle Day by the UN General Assembly. Every year on June 3rd, people all around the world commemorate World Bicycle Day, sometimes referred to as International Bicycle Day. Several various events and activities are held across the world to commemorate World Bicycle Day.


World Bicycle Day

Every year on June 3, people throughout the world commemorate World Bicycle Day. The day is very significant since cycling has many positive health effects. On World Bicycle Day, all the advantages of riding are recognized, celebrated, and people are inspired to start participating in this enjoyable sport. This day emphasizes the practicality of a bicycle and highlights how they are easy to use, inexpensive, and effective. Further details on World Bicycle Day, its subject, history, and importance are provided on this page.

World Bicycle Day 2


It all began in 2015 when activist and sociology professor Leszek Sibilski published a blog entry about cycling for the World Bank. The movement started from this point on, and the very following year he also wrote another blog entry. Soon after, he requested a World Bicycle Day during a speech at Taiwan's Scientists for Cycling colloquium. The third June of every year shall be recognized as World Bicycle Day by the UN, which made this formal declaration in the year 2018.

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  • A bicycle is a straightforward, cost-effective, dependable, and eco-friendly mode of transportation.


  • A bicycle may be a tool for growth and a way to gain access to sports, medical care, and education.


  • The act of riding a bicycle immediately makes the person aware of their surroundings.

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  • The bicycle represents fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly transportation.


  • Bicycles have a special place in Dutch culture. Almost 23 million bicycles are owned by 17 million Dutch individuals. The Dutch royal family has a long history of riding.



Encourages Member States to provide policies and initiatives that include bicycles in national and local development special consideration. urges the Member States to increase road safety and incorporate it into environmentally friendly bicycle transportation to safeguard pedestrian security. emphasizes the importance of using bicycles to improve education, especially physical education, prevent disease, foster tolerance and intercultural understanding, and promote social participation. encourages Member States to embrace best practices and strategies for fostering a culture of cycling in their communities.

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Every year, Bicycle Day has a different theme. "Uniqueness, Versatility, and Longevity of the Bicycle as a Simple, Sustainable, Economical, and Reliable Mode of Transportation" was the focus of the 2021 topic. The topic for World Bicycle Day 2023 has not yet been revealed by the UN.

World Bicycle Day

We need to observe holidays like Bicycle Day in this day and age when the majority of the population is coping with various health problems. The day's emphasis is on the value of bicycles and how they can help create a sustainable and healthy future.



The third Friday in June is observed as National Bike Day. The United Nations has discussed the significance of this day being observed globally. The UN calls on its Member States to increase road safety and include it in the design and development of sustainable transportation and mobility infrastructure on World Bicycle Day. It also implies that to enhance health outcomes, bike mobility, and pedestrian safety must be preserved.

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Bicycle Day exhorts the Member States to implement top techniques and strategies for encouraging bicycle use across all societal groups. On this day, bicycle rides are planned locally and nationally to promote both physical and mental wellness. International Bicycle Day inspires several countries to spread their individual economies' respective bicycle-riding promotion initiatives. Every year, the UN also announces a new World Bicycle Day topic.



Participants in Bicycle Day recognize and promote the bicycle's contribution to sustainable development. These are some of the ways people will celebrate this day on June 3rd each year.

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  • During World Bicycle Day, individuals spread the word about the advantages of riding, including its positive effects on health, avoiding disease, social inclusion, and advancing a culture of peace.


  • The ideal opportunity to give your loved ones a brand-new bicycle is on Bicycle Day.


  • Individuals take part in marathon cycling events.


  • Sharing the schedule on social media is one way some participants celebrate World Bicycle Day.