• 21 May, 2024

World Chess Day : Message and Images

World Chess Day : Message and Images

This holiday was instituted by UNESCO in 1966 to commemorate the establishment of FIDE on July 20, 1924, in Paris. The World Championship Cycle and the World Chess Olympiad are just two of the events that are organized globally by FIDE, which today includes 188 national chess organizations. Many people of all ages enjoy playing chess on a regular basis.


World Chess Day 

The International Chess Federation was established in 1924, and every year on July 20th, International Chess Day is observed. One of the oldest games, chess incorporates both artistic and scientific principles. As we all know, sports have aided humanity in surviving crises by enhancing mental health and easing anxiety. This game is possibly among the first of our time. The game of chess is well-liked and played all around the world. Chess aids in the development of abilities including technique, strategy, and visual memory. UNESCO advocated designating this day as International Chess Day, and it has been recognized as such ever since FIDE established it in 1966. Participate in chess-related activities on this day, whether it be playing chess, watching chess matches, or learning about it.

World Chess Day 1-1

Message and Images

I have come to the conclusion that all chess players are craftspeople, even though all specialists are not chess players. Chess day greetings to all.

World Chess Day 2

Chess teaches the observant by the way that its copy fights are fought for no prize other than respect, unlike other games where lucre is just the end and point. It is the thinker's primary and sincere diversion.

Chess is amazing because it can be anything you want it to be. It transcends differences in language, age, color, religion, political disagreements, sexual orientation, and economic standing. Anybody may enjoy a good battle to the death over a chessboard, regardless of their circumstances.


The game of chess is a struggle against error. Salutations to anyone who plays chess with complete focus.

Every chess ace started off as an amateur.

World Chess Day 3

Avoid approaching the group. Do your own independent thinking. Don't play the chess piece; play the chess player.

Chest makes guys more perceptive and intelligent.  Chess day greetings to all.

World Chess Day 5

Chess stimulates the brain's exercise center.

Chess chains the mind and psyche, ensuring that only the most grounded players have the intrinsic possibility to succeed. Chess day greetings to all.

World Chess Day 4

The game of chess is a struggle against error. I would like to wish all chess players a happy international chess day.

Salutations to anyone who plays chess with complete focus. Greetings on Happy Chess Day to you and your family.

World Chess Day 6

Chess improves human intelligence and discrimination. On this wonderful day, Happy Chess Day to all chess enthusiasts.

With all my heart, I wish you a happy International Chess Day. Make this day memorable by playing chess on this day.

World Chess Day 8

Keep to yourself, present your case independently, and act like a player rather than a piece in the game of chess.

Happy World Chess Day to all the die-hard chess players and to those who believe that playing the game helps to develop the brain.

World Chess Day 9